Sunday Stripping

Let’s start with three huzzahs to Comics Kingdom for including the title panels with the Sunday comics!

We sincerely hope this isn’t a one-time occurrence.

Now GoComics it’s time for you to do the same.

But it is not all hugs and kisses for The Kingdom.

The black background continues to irritate, and Friday’s The Phantom is an example of why it should be tossed.

The first panel wasn’t real bad, but the second panel lettering merging with the black border is intolerable. Checking the “buy a print of this comic” show a much more pleasing look.

It is just one more needless thing that cartoonists are going to have to make allowances for.

More: Wednesday’s The Phantom shows the mishegoss of chopping up strips for the portable (phone) readers.

Where’s that first gutter?

Also: I am again having to sign in every day to read the King comics. 🙁

While we’re backtracking to Wednesday…

Katie begins her visit to the zoo in FurBabies, with Nancy Beiman paying tribute to a famed animal cartoonist.

NOT paying tribute to famed Dick Tracy creator Chester Gould is Charles Ettinger‘s portrayal of a new(?) character.

I realize they have been moving away from Gould’s angular style since Joe Staton took over the art, but the soft curves of this new(?) character is a violation of the Dick Tracy design. YMMV.

By the way, as seen in the credits above the new story that started last Sunday is by, who now seems to be the regular, guest writer Eric Costello. We hadn’t noted that until now.

LOL of the Week. Still on Wednesday is The Flying McCoys panel by Gary McCoy.

The Reader’s Digest Condensed Version

of the Sunday is what struck me about Thursday’s Mark Trail by Jules Rivera.

Or maybe a reprise of a Good Earth Almanac comic.

Eric Reaves continues to impress with his ability to mimic the style of other cartoonists in Friday’s Hi and Lois. (Though I have noticed some deviations from Dik Browne‘s art lately.)

Saturday’s Fort Knox worries me.

That’s an awful lot of goodbyes on Major Knox’s shirt!

As is the custom Paul Jon turns the Memorial Day Sunday Fort Knox over to Norman Felchle.

This time honoring the men who landed on the beaches of France 80 years ago. Men who, for all they knew, were re-enacting the fatal Charge of the Light Brigade of a century earlier. “Theirs but to do and die.”

4 thoughts on “Sunday Stripping

  1. Having to login every time I want to read my Favorites on Kingdom is only half the problem. When I use my bookmark for my Favorites page, then login, I’m left on the Account page. I’m finally remembering not to click on “Favorites” on the left, but to use the drop-down menu on the upper right.

  2. Site redesigns can be frustrating.
    The Daily Cartoonist isn’t without its own problems. The ads covering content and having to scroll back to content you’re were just reading because the site scrolls up on its own is a pain in the butt.

  3. I agree that The Daily Cartoonist is hardly perfect, and the flaw you point out is particularly irksome
    (along with the delay in reaction to prompts). But then we don’t have the resources that King Features
    and the Hearst Corporation have available to them.

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