Olivia Jaimes to Take a Leave from Nancy

Olivia Jaimes appeared on video as a part of the recent Nancy Fest:

The New Nancy

Olivia Jaimes is the pen name of the mysterious cartoonist who took over Nancy in 2018, modernizing the strip with her own unique spin, and sending shockwaves through the community of Bushmiller purists. Jaimes joins us virtually for a pre-recorded discussion with Shena Wolf about her approach to the legacy strip. Plus, a special announcement about the future of the new Nancy.

That special announcement is that the anonymous Olivia Jaimes will be taking a temporary break from cartooning the Nancy comic strip. Rather than reruns substitute cartoonists have been signed to create new Nancys.

Popeye © King Features Syndicate; art © Shaenon K. Garrity

Among the cartoonists relieving Olivia during her leave of absence will be Caroline Cash and Shaenon K. Garrity, others have not yet been revealed. Also unknown are the dates and the length of Olivia’s sabbatical.

Nancy © UFS; art © Caroline Cash

John Kelly and Andrew Farago

10 thoughts on “Olivia Jaimes to Take a Leave from Nancy

  1. I 100 percent genuinely and sincerely do not believe Jaimes actually exists, yes despite the above “interview”, and that this whole run of Nancy has been a very bad experiment in manufacturing a cartoonist. The “mystery” surrounding their identity. The absolute bizarre shift art and writing wise to reed thin line work and absolutely miserable, repetitive punchlines where the “joke” is always “a character says/does something to reinforce/contradict the ridiculous absolute presented in the first panel” and you know a framework is rotten when trying to describe it feels like a chore. Going the “Popeye Comics Club” route isn’t going to yield any better results if the absolutely awful “Olive and Popeye” is anything to go by. They should try hiring actual professionals or paying to train some because their solution to all the turds in the punchbowl is to try and convince everyone punch should be more turds than punch.

    1. Yes! She’s been doing a great job — and even gave Sluggo a brain. I hope she returns.

  2. She’s the best thing that has happened to the funny pages in decades. I hope she has a good sabbatical and comes back for more.

  3. Good riddance and may Jaimes NEVER come back. She RUINED Nancy with her nothing storylines and sickly-pukey looking characters. Maybe there is finally hope that this will someday be a strip worth following again.

  4. I love Olivia Jaimes’ Nancy and wish her the best on her break! Looking forward to see what the new guest authors come up with in the meantime, I really like the idea of having a few different people playing with the characters during the break 🙂 This is going to be interesting! Do we have any information about when does it start?

  5. Not only do I not like Olivia Jaimes’ Nancy, I find it bizarre that ANYbody does. The art is objectively HORRIBLE. The writing is unfunny. They couldn’t even be bothered to find someone who could actually draw?

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