Providence Journal Spotlights Will Henry

“Wallace the Brave” shines a light on the things that make Rhode Island … well, Rhode Island.

“It’s unapologetically Rhode Island,” said Will Henry, the creator of the “Wallace the Brave” comic strip, Wednesday night at a special event hosted by The Providence Journal at Maury Loontjens Memorial Library in Narragansett.

From Goat Island to Potters Cove, Henry said he likes to put Rhode Island references into his strip because he loves his home state and he believes many of the themes – from hard-working, loving parents to poking fun at tourists – resonate with his national and international audience.

The Providence Journal reviews the recent Wallace the Brave cartoonist William Henry Wilson (aka Will Henry) presentation and meet & greet.

Lynne Sullivan of The Providence Journal presents a photo essay of Will Henry’s presentation.

Thirty second video/audio of Will drawing Wallace.

More video of Will drawing at the Wallace the Brave Facebook page.

The full Wallace the Brave archive at GoComics.

2 thoughts on “Providence Journal Spotlights Will Henry

  1. It’s such a terrific strip, and I love the way Will Henry puts “extra” stuff in the panels.

    Maybe the day Wallace was born and the day his dad realized that “none of the really matters was the same day.

  2. I always look forward to Will’s fantastic comic strip, especially his Sunday’s, always whimsical or hilarious or both.

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