The Funny Pages Today … and Yesterdays

Alley Oop and Ooola transport through time to the present …

exactly eighty-five years after they first did it.

United Feature Syndicate-United Media/Washington Post Writers Group/Counterpoint Syndication editor Amy Lago gets a shout out from Barney & Clyde – a thank you for grabbing them after their WPWG contract ended? Or maybe she rejected a gag?

And Dr. Levine gets a shout out in Blondie.

Don’t know if there is an actual Dr. Levine (i suspect so), but that caricature is so spot on it got to be someone.

Aside to Comics Kingdom:

If you’re going to have us check off our favorites every other day put a box up to check all comics. It would be much easier for me to check the few strips I don’t list as favorites than the many I do want to see.

And returning them to alphabetical order would be nice – I was getting used to that refinement.

Far Out, Man!

Rubes pays tribute to a couple Sixties psychedelic artists – Stanley Mouse (Ice Cream Kid) and Alton Kelley.

Leigh Rubin must be around the average age of The Daily Cartoonist crew. I know Wiley Miller is as he makes fun of us former freaks that still read hard copy newspapers in today’s Non Sequitur rerun.

Isabella Bannerman and Comics Kingdom puzzled me today with those three almost equal sized panels making up Six Chix. Did the feature change from vertical panel to horizontal strip? No it didn’t.

I’m on the west coast so the day was bright all day but the event was basically non-existent out here.

How was your eclipse?

4 thoughts on “The Funny Pages Today … and Yesterdays

  1. The eclipse was good here. Off and on clouds in the Dallas area, but we saw enough. Amazing, especially how dark it got. It’s the last one we’ll see, hubby and I, since we’re “elderly”, as they say. Nice to have family around to share it with, though.

  2. I saw that Amy Lago mention, and I was pretty amused by it. I don’t know why it’s there though.

  3. Alley Oop in the past has no necklace, but when he steps into the future a few seconds later, NOW has a necklace? Does the time machine run on magic?

  4. My experience on 11-Aug-1999 was very similar to what happened to Linus. I travelled halfway across Germany to reach the path of totality, but guessed wrong on the weather, and ended up about 50 miles away from a break in the cloud cover. I saw the corona through the clouds for about a second or so, and then the cooling effect thickened them up, and it started raining. Oh well. There’s always 22-July-2028, but that’s in Sydney.

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