Barney & Clyde and Counterpoint

Weeks after finding out that Counterpoint Media had taken on Rudy Park we now discover, again months late, that Counterpoint has taken on distributing Barney & Clyde to newspapers.

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The switch from the Washington Post Writers Group happened in February. The daily strip first ran with the Counterpoint imprint on February 6, 2023; the Sundays followed on February 26, 2023.

Counterpoint doesn’t have a page on their website for the two comic strips yet.

The Washington Post Writers Group, who is winding down their comics syndication service is now down to three: Fort Knox, Reply All, and Reply All Lite, having shed Candorville, Loose Parts, Mike du Jour, Pickles, and now Barney & Clyde over the past year.

2 thoughts on “Barney & Clyde and Counterpoint

  1. For the remaining WPWG strips:
    I guess Fort Knox would end before 2023 ends.
    I guess Reply All/Reply All Lite would move to

    1. Thanks for sharing…
      I’m going to tweet this news article RIGHT AWAY for the youth of tomorrow who, before age 1 or 2 for eg., are finding LIFE hilarious. They can do a cut out (like once was done at Betsy McCall’s magazine) & KNOW FOR SURE when they’re adults WHO the message was intended & WHY when they do a research at … Lack of communication 2043.

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