Our Roots Features Robb Armstrong

Robb Armstrong – An Appreciation of An African American Comic Strip Artist

From Fisher Jack at Eurweb:

I have followed Robb Armstrong creator of the comic strip series Jump Start, syndicated since 1989.

… For Robb, Charles Schulz, creator of Peanuts comic strips influenced him. I grew up a fan of Peanuts and am still a fan with a collection of his books right from when I was growing up in Nigeria as a cartoonist and also when I attended the Kubert art school in New Jersey. I have also featured in OUR ROOTS the black character in Peanuts called Franklin here on EURWEB

Jerry Robinson said of OUR ROOTS, that it deserves recognition for its unique contribution through art and journalism to racial understanding and hence my belief in the need to recognize Robb Armstrong’s achievements.

© Tayo Fatunla

Robb Armstrong [link added] should be celebrated and may his successes open doors for other upcoming young black artists.

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