Stephen Webster’s Saga of Brann Bjornson New Comic Strip at Comics Kingdom

Saga is the story of a Viking named Brann Bjornson and his large family as they cope with the modernization of their Nordic medieval world. Some things, such as mead, magic, and horned helmets, have remained. But now, rather than fight dragons, Vikings, such as Brann, work for them. Trolls work in the IT department, and witches work in HR.  

Saga’s protagonist Brann must now learn how to have adventures in a changed world, otherwise he’ll suffer from a midlife crisis. 

The Saga of Brann Bjornson (or just Saga) by Stephen Webster is a newly introduced comic strip at Comics kingdom beginning today February 29, 2024. It appears that it will be appearing three times a week with Tuesdays and Thursdays being a black and white daily format and a full color Sunday strip in the old half-page size.

The strip had an earlier appearance on the world wide web and those can be seen here.

Artstation has samples of Stephen’s handiwork, but I’m not finding a profile of Webster.

© Stephen Webster

6 thoughts on “Stephen Webster’s Saga of Brann Bjornson New Comic Strip at Comics Kingdom

  1. I hope Mr. Webster does not regret his timing. Comics Kingdom is not the most functional place at the moment.

  2. Whatever Comics Kingdom is trying to do, it’s not working for me. As best I can tell, I no longer have a daily scroll of favorites. I have to call up each comic indivdually to see it. That’s not fun; that’s time-consuming make work. If that is the new format, I will drop Comics Kingdom. Or maybe I’m too tech unsavvy to figure it out. At any rate, it’s been two days and still no response from CK.

  3. It’s a shame. This page should be a discussion about the new comic featured in this story. But the people behind Comics Kingdom have gone and made the story about them by releasing a horrible new version of their site.

    1. I’m looking forward to it. The premise reminds me a little of The Return of Väinämöinen, which I remember fondly.

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