Inside the Comics Kingdom Reboot

Tomorrow King Features Syndicate is scheduled to launch an all-new Comics Kingdom.

Our new website will boast a unique visual identity and an optimized user experience designed with you in mind. From front-end wireframes to a streamlined user interface, our focus has been creating an attractive and user-friendly platform.

Our commitment to a clean and intuitive UI design is at the heart of this transformation. We believe simplicity and elegance are vital to ensuring a seamless experience for you, whether browsing, subscribing, or engaging with our content.

In anticipation Alex Garcia sat down with Sarah Hartley and Olivia de Alba to discuss how their teams joined forces to create a “totally different but still focused” Comics Kingdom.

The 90 minute podcast begins with Sarah and Olivia noting their love of comic strips and that their focus was to bring the genre back to its former glory by presenting the art form in a better forum with better user interaction.

New color palettes, better navigation, and especially improved mobile reading experience. The “mobile first” capability (think vertical instead of horizontal) was stated often as a way to get more people to the site as phones is the way most read the internet these days. Though they intend to retain some familiarity so as not to overwhelm us old subscription codgers who read the site on desktops.

“Making new friends while cherishing the old” as they put it.

They also discuss trying to get the readers into a closer relationship with the cartoonists and, perhaps over-optimistically, get more constructive criticism and joyful responses instead of so much snark. (I gotta confess I don’t see that happening, there’s just too many who seem to be there just to dish abrasive sarcasm.)

Another worry of mine is the animation they discussed. I hope it doesn’t slow things down.

The site will not be fully evolved with the launch on February 28. The adding of a hundred years of content will take some time, and Alex talked of adding long form comics and other surprises.

They discuss much more than I touched on above.

The Inside the Kingdom: The Evolution of Comics Kingdom can be found here within the podcast archives.

128 thoughts on “Inside the Comics Kingdom Reboot

  1. I wonder if they will address my two biggest pet peeves with their old web site: having to re-log in every week or so and failure to email your daily comics despite saying they can do it.

    1. A couple of us (KF cartoonists) mentioned that to Alex when we were given the preview and it is something they are looking towards (drives me crazy too!).

      1. Sorry Alex. This “update” is a piece of junk. I guess I will not be getting your daily strip in my morning routine any more. Been paying a subscription rate to them for years now now I see that if I want to get ALL my favorites instead of just one single solitary strip, I have to pay them MORE than I am already paying them for a site that is, as I said, a piece of junk.

    2. Over the 4 years I’ve had my ‘premium’ CK subscription there have been numerous issues with their site. Comics, puzzles not being updated etc., but the new and improved website is neither. The puzzles I used to enjoy are gone. They have destroyed a decent website. Still looking for the contact info to cancel but that is nowhere to be found.

  2. I was reading the comics as usual this morning when, about half-way through, the loading balked. A page finally did load and I realized, oh no, they’ve just launched a re-done site. Then everything quit loading at all and I came looking for “why.”

    Looks like they are replacing “functional” and relatively speedy with “flash-bang” and slow. I don’t have a good feeling about this.

    Re: defeating snarky comments – they are kinda fun but being able to just read the comics is what’s important. I don’t care about engaging with the artist etc. I will happily trade the ability to snark for the ability to quickly read.

    1. At least you got on to the site. My attempts to log on have failed completely.

    2. There are so many problems, it is tedious to enumerate them. Just a sample:
      1. Sequence of comics episodes is completely mess up with most strips.
      2. Half my favorites are missing. Many others are incorrect.
      3. Presentations of strips with edges clipped off. WTF
      I don’t even want to go on.

  3. Ok, so I had to log in again on a new site, and I did – and it didn’t work, even though I know my login was correct. So I clicked “Forgot Password” and it just hung, and sent no email. I can’t get in at all.

    It looks to me like they did it again – made a new website live without testing it first.

  4. Both my sister and I tried logging in (I’d done my usual morning log it an 0630, old style worked fine).

    It’s a complete cluster-f*ck. Attempting to long in to your account gets stalled at the log in screen. Attempting to hit any individiual comic gets you the dreaded 404.

    1. Agreed! Any help I’ve asked for bounces back as solved but nothing has been done. I haven’t received my email subscription for years, I have to go to the site and hope they remember me. Obviously, this can’t be their site, they have been unapproachable for over a decade. How do the comics authors feel about the way their product is handled?

  5. Once I found the site – they disabled the “www.” – and the login screen I find that logging in fails with no error message. What a bunch of pathetic losers.

    (I am told by a web developer I interact with that eliding the www prefix is the New Modern Style. Failing to redirect the old style is, of course, the Old Braindead Style.)

    1. After MULTIPLE attempts to even get IN to the site and then accidentally finding where my “favorites” got moved to, I tried to comment on one of the strips and it told me that I needed to log in for that (insert angry emoji here). I was ALREADY logged in, but decided to jump through their ever growing amount of hoops just to read comics and entered my info as I have always done for the length of my subscription. That’s when I got the message telling my I did not have an account with them (could’ve fooled me since they’ve been collecting their $29 payment so I don’t have to squash ads just to read my comics). This “update” is crap!

  6. I can no longer log onto the Comics Kingdom site. I’m with the other team, but I pay to see their strips. I have to write to them again if they don’t let me in tomorrow.

  7. Sure. Let’s mess with something that works. I don’t have 20 minutes to try to search for my EIGHT comics.
    I thought scrolling daily to find my comics was a pain! Another site has let me choose my favorite comics and I get them one after another.

    1. The site is worse today than yesterday. Slow, clunky and all the continuity of my favorites is gone. Pretty unhappy at this point.

  8. Hi everyone!

    Super excited to have you all on! Sorry for the inconvenience, in hindsight a morning launch while you all are accessing your comics wasn’t the best idea ?

    We’ll be up as normal in no time!

    1. Ya think?

      At 10:15 EDT, I can at least log in but my favorites won’t load nor can I access individual strips.

      I don’t like to dump my grievances on the poor souls that have to make things work, but I suspect this roll out came form higher-ups with no idea how things actually work and have no contact with the buying public.

      1. Not so sure about higher-ups’ involvement here, because if you go back up to the article and click on the names of the three people involved, you can see how their self-promotion and “tastes” would have led to such a bloated, over-designed website. By the way, I think it would be very much in order to use those published links to reach out to and complain to the persons involved. You also should reach out directly to King Features Syndicate, not just Comics Kingdom.

    2. Sorry guy, I hope you had this “redevelopment” imposed on you and have nothing to do with the mess that it is. This “redesign” is going to be a deal breaker for me.

    3. Hi, can you please open a story to create a profile setting to enable/disable early access and return records for the current date rather than the latest date if it is checked?

      Not only does the current behavior put us out of step with other readers of the strips, it also exposes strips to us that have not yet been colored.

    4. I do not want to have to load three comics at a time. In the time it takes me to upload another three comics, I could have read three comics. I also want to read the comics in the order I had in my old favorites. There is nothing I like about the new website. I will not be renewing my subscription if the old functionality is not restored.

      1. i agree completely the new site is slow and not set up to just read the comics. i am considering not renewing as most of the comics are on other sites i loved the way you could organize your favorites instead of three at a time.

    5. Hi, please make to update the Olive & Popeye strip. That’s my only complaint. I’m in the minority of loving sbf enjoying the new relaunch! I think it’s great! And the Sunday strips are finally back to being horizontal. We can see the title panels once again! Thanks so much!

      1. I can’t get the latest Olive and Popeye either – the last one I can see is for February 8.

        On the other hand, I apparently can now see On the Fastrack a week in advance (today is March 1, but I can see up to March 8).

  9. It’s accepting my login, and if I work at it I can get it to show at least some of my Favorites, but why are these the comics from next Wednesday? Based on their performance with Classic strips perhaps they’ve lost a week’s worth of the new ones?

    1. I suspect it’s a feature, but my question is: WHY would they think that’s a good idea? Why would anyone think that’s a good idea?

      1. It’s King Features that thinks the 3-at-time-and-load-more is a good idea because it artifically inflates their clickthroughs and page views. Screw the customer, let’s do this so that we’ll more attractive to advertisers.

      2. I think it’s just what Not That Joe said: It’s a way to boost their click-throughs and page views. Nothing at all to do with the paying customers.

  10. The .net site for me doesn’t have a login screen and shows random comics.
    The .com site lets me log in, but the only options to show ‘favorites’ are oldest first and newest first.
    It shows only three at a time (and from March 6???) with a [load more comics] button that shows a few more.
    I think that I had about 100 comics in my favorites. I don’t want to have to click [load more comics] and wait for a slow repaint 30 times.
    I want to see them in the same order (mostly alphabetical) that I set on the old site and that came in the emails, and not so large that each comic takes up the full screen of my laptop.
    As far as I can tell, the new site has no contact or place to send problems. That is usually a bad sign that the developers know that the site is broken and don’t care.

    1. Apparently March 6 is what they meant by “early access.” I don’t *want* early access, I want my favorites to be today’s (or the most recent). As it is it looks like I would have to load comics backwards for a week in order to get my favorites for today – and I’d need to do that even if I wanted early access in order to catch up!

      Give me an option to turn off early access, another to sort comics order as I want them, and another to load all my favorites at once, and I’ll live with dark mode.

      1. You can only sort them by “Newest First” or “Oldest First,” you can’t pick your own order. “Newest First” takes you to March 6, and you have go back, three at a time, until you get to February 28.

        “Oldest First” takes you to January 1, 1900, and you have to go forward a day at time, I think until 2015, in order to see ANY comics.

        It’s a total mess.

      2. (Replying to Ignatz’s reply to Mark Jackson)
        ““Oldest First” takes you to January 1, 1900, and you have to go forward a day at time, I think until 2015, in order to see ANY comics.”

        I reached some comics at 1922, “Krazy Kat”. Those are on my Favorites selection, which must be why I’m seeing them on that “oldest first” view. (That’s of course the comic that features your namesake, Ignatz the Mouse!)

    1. I agree 1000 percent. I can’t wait until my subscription runs out, and I get to tell them to SHOVE IT!

  11. My first-read comic every day is vintage Mark Trail. I read it before the new roll-out this morning. Later, when briefly on the new site, I displayed a list of available comics and it was not listed.

    Instead of spending time on comics kingdom I will spend my time reading vintage favorites on the old newspapers site.

    1. I don’t see Vintage Mark Trail either.

      I try not to be harsh, but comics are their WHOLE BUSINESS. How could they be this bad at it?

      1. It’s because they bought a bill of goods from “world-class-developers” who took advantage of their lack of knowledge building websites. Did they even conduct user testing? “Mess” doesn’t even begin to describe it.

      2. They merged it. You have to go to oldest in order to see the older ones. And of you want a specific date, just change the url of the year, date, and month

    2. It looks like at least some of the “vintage” strips are mixed in with the current ones, if the strip is still running. Unfortunately, that makes it more difficult for the people who were following and commenting on the earlier storylines.

      1.; A lot of great papers that you can search for favorite comics and read their comic sections “back in the day”. Site sub isn’t cheap. Like $90 for Basic and $150 for Publishers Extra.

  12. Just tried “.net” instead of “.com.” It works, but there’s no login at all. There is a support button, though.

  13. What’s wrong with a straightforward website where people can subscribe to read the daily comics? Why all of this extra mess?

    This latest version is over-designed making it so a reader must go through extra hoops just to get to the comics they’ve come to read, most likely to falsely inflate clicks and page views. The “card deck” design for elements is totally stupid. I finally found the Favorites page and the dark mode and 3-at-a-time loading are turn-offs for me, and there was no way to adjust that in Favorite Management.

    Am I just behind or have the subscription rates been this price for a while… $29.99 annually to follow ONE strip, and $49.99 annually for premium access (all strips). Looks to me like they hired an expensive firm to “redesign” where it wasn’t needed and now they want to make us pay this mess.

    1. The subscription rate (they only had one) was recently $20/year. Try logging out and using a different email address to take a “free community subscription.” You can build a Favorites page with that; still a PITA but you get the current day’s comics.

    2. I’m not paying for this crap. Used to be worth it, I have been a subscriber for more years than I can remember, but this garbage pile stinks so bad that’s it. No more money for these toads!

  14. After listening to that podcast and hearing about all the “wonderful things” that they have come up with, I think they really out thought this whole thing. Especially the designer.

    Smarter, not harder. She got way into the weeds with all of this, IMO. K.I.S.S should’ve been the motto. I do see that the vintage strips that still are in today’s distribution (like Judge Parker) have all the strips now under their current listing (called “classic”). I see the Judge now goes out another month or so from where they were, does mean they will keep adding? Hope they figure this out and simplify it.

    That and ADD “Steve Roper and Mike Nomad”, plus the Al Williamson run on Secret Agent Corrigan (X-9).

  15. All the comments here!

    I read there was an upcoming Comics Kingdom website reboot some time ago. I had no idea what date the website changes were to take place. This blog was the first time I read the install date was scheduled for February 28th. By reading some comments here and elsewhere, it seems to me a lot of readers were taken by surprise.

    Was there an email or blog I missed? Did The Comics Kingdom give their subscribers any notice?

    1. We knew it was coming, I think we just foolishly expected it to work.

      I guess use my old bookmarks at the Seattle Times, which work, and which give you today’s comics, not a week from now.

      1. Earlier today, I could read the Comics Kingdom OpenWeb comments on The Seattle Times website. That’s new, I believe.

        There are some Kings Features comic strips on ArcaMax too.

    2. They did send out an email, I think it was last week telling us when it was coming and that it would be wonderful.

  16. Logged in and trying to pull up my favorites page that had the comics I like in the order I prefer. Can get 3 at a time and all of the dates are for NEXT WEEK! I’ve put in a complaint. I want my full page back. If I try to read one at a time, I have to go find today’s date as they are all next week as well.

  17. Where are my favorites? Have no plans of clicking on each comic to view them individually. And the ones I have been able to see are partially blocked. Have no plans of continuing with this if I can’t see my favorites like I used to. And listing the comics without pictures is not good! I’ll give it a couple of days then cancel if it’s not fixed.

    1. Your favorites are under the “Account” heading. However, it’s still 3-at-a-time-loading.

  18. I got on briefly. Not great that I have to “load more comics” to get to the rest of my favorites, and then yesterday’s strips show up… Not all of my favorites update daily. I don’t want to scroll through a bunch of days just to get to the most recent strip for the non-daily ones. The old interface had problems, but from what I’ve seen of the new one, it doesn’t do the thing the old interface did well.

    Of course the first thing I saw when I logged into the new site was how much I was spending a year.

  19. Well, *that’s* interesting. They’ve got a “free community subscription” and one of the perks is the ability to build a Favorites page. The page itself is still annoying, but it doesn’t “offer” (force) 1-week early content. Much more tolerable than the paid options.

  20. “Our commitment to a clean and intuitive UI design is at the heart of this transformation. We believe simplicity and elegance are vital to ensuring a seamless experience for you, whether browsing, subscribing, or engaging with our content.”

    Dear King Features, this “revision” is so far away from the statement above, what were you thinking? You know what did have a clean and intuitive UI design with simplicity and elegance? DailyINK. Every change you’ve made since you moved from DailyINK to Comics Kingdom has only moved the web presentation of your content further and further away from clean, intuitive, simple, and elegent. And this change is the final straw.

    1. “What he said.” Plus the more flowery technobabble in the description, the worse it will be in real life.
      The key is when they say “engaging with our content”. I don’t want to see CK content. I want to see artist’s cartoons (and I hope that the artists are getting a cut of the increased subscription price). The CK content framing the cartoons should be as invisible as possible, especially to readers with paid subscriptions.

  21. Wow, I can’t believe how bad the option to read the latest comics each day on the website has gotten. Anyone find that a daily email of favorites now works?

    On the other hand, binge reading a single comic works much better than I remember. Maybe I just need to switch to how I read them, read a month of Sally Forth on the first, a month of Macanudo on the second, and so on…

  22. I do not like the new format. I liked the old way better so I could see my chosen comic strips in the order I was used to seeing.

    I T S S U U C C K K S S
    I T S U U C K K S
    I T S U U C K K S
    I T S S U U C C K K S S

    1. You took the words right off my keyboard. I cannot find my “Favorites”. I tried the “hamburger” menu in the top right and it just makes the screen orange, but doesn’t give any kind of a menu. Was beginning to think they got hacked and I just gave out my info. ?


  24. What I’ve figured out so far is that, if you pay them twice what you used to pay them, you get this incoherent mix of future comics.

    However, by switching browsers and using a different email address, I was able to sign up for a free account and set up a new Favorites list, which means I can’t read Vintage comics anymore, but I can get today’s comics as long as I don’t mind loading them three at a time.

    It’ll get me through until they realize New Coke isn’t selling.

    1. While groping my way around their new site, I stumbled across this: “A: In order to view vintage comics, you have to subscribe to Comics Kingdom Premium where you can view all of our great vintage selection.”

  25. Glad I’m not the only one hating this new interface. Three comics at a time? Button for Favorites is under Account so it now takes an extra click? Defaults to one week from now? Harder to get to older comics? Wow. What a mess. If not fixed soon! I will definitely cancel.

  26. The old format was fast and easy to use, I was a paying customer, but now I have already cancelled my account. The reformat, has ruined a product that was one of my favorites but I guess someone thinks it was good, I do not.

  27. I just wanted to note, while we are her giving CK a well deserved bashing, that I went over to GoComics and used their feedback form to praise them for the consistent, and reliable user experience they’ve provided over the years.

  28. Agree with most of what I see… and what I DON’T see this morning.. is my comics!! Server must have crashed.. and when I did see something.. it was so far removed from readability as to make me cancel my subscription of… about 15- years or more??

    And NO.. not everyone walks around with their head down reading comics.. some of us still the Old Fashioned way of reading at my desk before getting about my daily work….

    This new experience… Sucks!

  29. If the server isn’t crashing, its running so slow that you it takes forever to load. I’m going to try again this afternoon, but I’m not hopeful. This stinks.

  30. Instead of the current Mandrake, they sent the vintage Mandrake to my email account. I am joining the queue of complainers about the awful, non-functional site. Didn’t they do ANY beta testing???? I had to log in via an android tablet to even access my account because accessing via Firefox on my Windows laptop didn’t work. The pull-down menu just created a pop-up.

  31. I am also having major issues with the update. When I click of “favorites” it only loads three strips. I can click to load more comics manually and get three more, I tried updating my favorites, but that did not help. The update is definitely not ready for primetime.

  32. I don’t know if everybody sees the new comic pages the same way, but on my system (a desktop) the comments appear over the strip, so you can’t look at it while commenting.

  33. My email came yesterday, but not today. Maybe they’re observing procrastination day. Where is the simple page with my daily comics? Where are today’s comics? Is this why they offered a free year’s subscription for filling out their survey?

  34. So today’s email was a mess—including Sunday comics, and many vintage strips have jumped to different stories. Ugh! And trying to read my favorites on the website is a huge pain—and many are dated March 7. Pleeease King get your act together. What a mess.

  35. The site is not usable at all, and this has not changed in the last 48 hours. It is bad enough to kill their business completely if it goes on for very many more days — say, over the weekend and into next week.

    Rebuilding the site was actually pretty easy — first, make sure your database processes instructions from maintainers and users without error. Second, write a good, separate content interface on top of it. Hold the old interface in reserve. Third, test the new interface until it does what you want it to do. Fourth, roll out the new interface ONLY to select small groups of users at a time; say, weekly (or monthly).

    They didn’t do any of those things, and they didn’t even test their new user interface, and now they don’t know what to do. … a complete botch. They will destroy their internet business within nine days.

  36. I sure would like to be cc’d into all the inter-company (Comics Kingdom/King Features)
    communications going on right now about this FUBAR of a train wreck.

  37. Is this site still broken? February 29th..and I have comics for March 7th……
    If it’s not broken……what’s the deal??

  38. I’m with the rest of you. In fact every time they redesign it it gets worse. After the last redesign I wrote and said just copy gocomics which is just ideal. They clearly decided after giving it some years of careful thought to do the opposite. For me at least it is literally unusable. After 60 years of reading comics it’s going to be tough, but I just don’t see any reason to continue subscribing. I’ll give them one week to see if they figure anything out.

  39. They have sorta/kinda fixed a few things. My favorites come up with today’s date and instead of loading three at a time they load about 14 or 15 at a time before I have to invite then to load more, that should not happen to subscribers. + Many of the strips include thick black lines going up and down through the comics along side the panel gutters. That is where they break up the strips to stack for vertical viewing on mobile computers (phones). They need to get rid of those for us reading horizontally on desktops. + None of my favorite “vintage” comics loaded.

    There are many other problems still to be worked out – probably the least of them is the new Comics Kingdom logo that doesn’t help the website url standout when I scroll down my list of bookmarked sites as the red/orange logo color goes to black there.

  40. I still can’t go in effectively. Most of the time I get a console error screen that claims that the problem is on the “user” side. Sometimes I get in without signing in, but quickly get thrown out with either 404 or 504 error. Sometimes I get in and see comics in that screwy 3 at a time format which includes comics I’m not interested in at all. Maybe that suspicion about more clicks/etc is right. It helps them, but screws us.
    Either they adequately fix this within a week (or 2), or return to the old format, which was more than pleasing/adequate.
    If not, I’m outta there, and will get my preferred comics some other way.
    Hmm, maybe some of their comics will migrate to GoComics.
    I too once recommended that Comics Kingdom emulate the GoComics software design, but they obviously did not.

  41. Hi all! Thank you again for your patience and continued feedback. We’ve rolled out a fix for how favorites and early access content get displayed to our readers, and we look forward to improving the experience as we move forward.

    1. I got email with the my newer favorites and editorial cartoons.

      The vintage ones that I saw were a month or two later than where they were before the Big Improvement.

      I don’t think patience was the intended expression in the comments. Any chance you (CK) could just revert to the old unimproved version?

    2. Thank you for your efforts. I notice that early access is now only by 1 day rather than 7 which is much better. I also note that we are getting about 10 comics rather than three.

      I don’t know what else is in the hopper but you might want to consider sending the emailed comics out around 3amCT so that it can get done before the interactive users start pounding on the web interface.

    3. meaning eventually Favorites will actually work???
      It is March 4th, and favorites do not work

      1. Alex Garcia of Comics Kingdom has issued a primer for your Favorites list and how to add to it.

        Seems Vintage cannot be added to a daily favorites showing, only current comics.
        I mean you can click on Vintage strips as favorites but they don’t show up in your daily dose.
        At least not mine. They are now a separate and distinct section of Comics Kingdom.

  42. They should look at GoComics for an example of how a proper comics site should operate. I never have to log in, comics are in correct proportion daily and Sunday, I can go backward or forward on individual strips or the whole Favorites list, I can access comments for a single strip without jumping through hoops, and the whole site isn’t BLACK! I was unable to log in all day yesterday, and today when I finally got in, I got three strips and had to keep clicking “Load More” till I finally got the full list. Awful!

  43. What a TERRIBLE new website!!
    Lost access to several vintage comics.
    Nothing in new layout makes sense to navigate!
    Now you apparently have to pay a separate subscription fee if you want puzzles ?!?!

    After all these years seriously considering canceling subscription.
    What a TERRIBLE thing they have done!!!

  44. I have been reading coming strips online since the day they first became available online. I’m talking decades.
    I have seen many different formats used to present those comics.
    They have all had varying degrees of difficulty via software, design, and accessibility.
    But the ‘new’ format that has been installed for Comics Kingdom is the worst, most difficult to use, outrageous setup I have ever seen.
    If Comics Kingdom doesn’t put it back to the way it was, I will be cancelling my subscription despite how much I love the comics I read here.
    I’m in a 2 week countdown for my cancellation. That should be plenty of time for them to fix this mess. I was in computers and programming for 40 years, and we never took more than a week to fix any major problems that occurred in new releases.

  45. I forgot to add this…

    There is a common, old saying in the software and design industry…


  46. Looking for a fix for Comics Kingdom, I see that their subscription will now be $50 a year. A bit high for this big mess. How much do the artists get of that money?

  47. A couple of days ago, while groping my way around CK’s new site, I saw a price of $60 a year (which is WAY more than I pay GoComics). Two people here mentioned $50 a year. I went back to groping around and could not find ANY mention of what they want us to pay. It has to be there somewhere, but why make it so obscure?

    Anyhow, some folks mentioned that they could not find the vintage strips. (That concerned me, too. The vintage Mark Trail and Flash Gordon, for instance, are far preferable to their new counterparts.) I stumbled across this: “In order to view vintage comics, you have to subscribe to Comics Kingdom Premium where you can view all of our great vintage selection.”

    1. In “Subscriptions”/”Modify Subscription” I see $US49.99 for a yearly subscription and $4.99/month.

      That’s also where you can cancel it for the guy upthread who was looking for the option.

  48. The only thing I came to Comics Kingdom for was the vintage Popeye strips. Now there’s nothing at all in Thimble Theatre but placeholders of Sagendorf’s stuff, which I have never liked as much as Elzie Crisler Segar’s original work. Now there’s nothing to come for at all – this new redesign absolutely bites the wax tadpole.

    1. Wolf – go to Comics Kingdom site, scroll way down to where you see the All Comics A-Z click on that (and bookmark it), click on Popeye, scroll down to Latest Comics, click on oldest first – that will bring up January 1, 1935, click on oldest first again (because the first click on oldest first automatically switches back to newest first), begin scrolling down to read Segar’s Popeye.
      A number of vintage strips have been folded into the current strips.
      That still doesn’t explain why I don’t get Big Ben Bolt and other vintage comics on favorites list.

  49. March 3rd, I only use CK weekly for Sundays, my favorites do not work, account dashboard does not work, I pay monthly, and will likely cancel.
    The site is not working on ipad or windows PC.

  50. Many of the vintage comics are missing too. The old saying ‘if it isn’t broke, don’t fix it’ is true.

  51. Alright, figured something out, Using my existing paid account is a complete fail, cannot manage favorites, cannot access account dashboard, basically existing paid account which is Premium, is not working. BUT, I created a new
    email address, registered it, and signed up for a free account, this allowed me to manage favorites, and after recreating my entire daily reading list can use favorites again. New email address, new account registration. Now just need to cancel billing by calling the credit card company

  52. I agree with everyone! This new site is horrible!!! What were you people thinking?

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