Suburban Fairy Tales by Francis Bonnet Coming Soon to Comics Kingdom

Last month Cartoonist Francis Bonnet has announced that his webcomic has been picked up by Comics Kingdom:

It’s true! Suburban Fairy Tales is going to be syndicated by King Features Syndicate — one of the biggest comic syndicates out there!

King Features will be handling the distribution of Suburban Fairy Tales going forward. This means my newest strips will now appear first on their Comics Kingdom website along with any other sites or publications that King Features brings my series to. After some time, those new Suburban Fairy Tales strips will eventually make their way here to my website and to social media.

Suburban Fairy Tales is scheduled to launch on Comics Kingdom on or about February 28.  To prepare, I won’t be able to post any new strips here on my website for a number of weeks.

That February 28 debut date has been moved back to March 1, 2024.

There’s been a slight change to the launch date, which is now only two days later than previously posted.

Probably a good idea not to start it the same day as the Comics Kingdom reboot.

From Francis’s website:

Francis first began publishing comics in 2003 with the comic strip Crunchy. The strip ran for over two years both online and in print. Since ending Crunchy in 2005, Francis has worked on three other series including Suburban Fairy Tales (2005 – 2006 and 2008-present), Made To Malfunction (2006 – 2008), and Insane Forest (2013). Many of these comics have been featured on GoComics, Kidjutsu, Raytoons Cartoon Avenue, and The Funnies.

To date, eight Suburban Fairy Tales book collections and one Made To Malfunction book collection have been published.

In addition to his own comics, Francis Bonnet freelances for a variety of other comic series. He began working for Archie Comics Publications in February 2015 and provides stories and cover ideas for various Archie Comics Digests. He has also contributed gag ideas to other comic strips including Rhymes with Orange by Hilary Price and Frank and Ernest by Bob Thaves.

Suburban Fairy Tales is currently in a sort of limbo while waiting for the strip to get going on Comics Kingdom. Meanwhile Francis is rerunning older strips on the strip’s Facebook page.