Comics Kingdom Relaunch Set For Feb. 28

Comics Kingdom has notified subscribers that the relaunch of their website will take place on February 28, 2024.

The announcement:

Dear Comics Kingdom Subscribers,
Get ready to experience Comics Kingdom like never before! We’re delighted to announce the relaunch of our website on Feb. 28.

Our journey since early 2023 has been a blend of creativity and innovation, working alongside world-class developers to enhance every aspect of Comics Kingdom. Our new website boasts a unique visual identity and an optimized user experience designed with you in mind. From front-end wireframes to a streamlined user interface, our focus has been creating an attractive and user-friendly platform.

Our commitment to a clean and intuitive UI design is at the heart of this transformation. We believe simplicity and elegance are vital to ensuring a seamless experience for you, whether browsing, subscribing, or engaging with our content.

Comics Kingdom celebrates creativity, honors cartoon history, and offers a community for those passionate about this beloved art form. With the relaunch of our website, we’re excited to offer a refreshed platform that continues to delight fans and support artists and entertainers.

Here’s an overview of your benefits, including new additions:

* Comic Favorites * Comic Bookmarks * Comics Kingdom Newsletters * Early Access to All Comics * Ad-Free Access to Comics Kingdom * Access to Entire Comics Kingdom Archive * Daily Email with Your Favorite Comics * 20% Discount in Comics Kingdom Shop

Please join us for this exciting new chapter on Feb. 28

Thank you for your continued support and enthusiasm. Here’s to new beginnings at Comics Kingdom!

Warm regards,
Alex Garcia
Director, Comics at King Features

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13 thoughts on “Comics Kingdom Relaunch Set For Feb. 28

  1. Subscriptions to the syndicate’s comics sites have become so extremely important with all the changes to newspaper clients. The subscription fees are quite reasonable and the artists are relying more and more on this model.

    I sincerely hope readers who love comics – especially those who can no longer read their favorites in the newspaper, will sign up if they have not already done so!

  2. I hope with rec.arts.comics.strips on Usenet/Google Groups no longer using new comments, maybe Jimmy D. and Brian H. can post the details on the daily/Sunday recycled Family Circus art in the comments of each day’s Family Circus comic strip on Comics Kingdom and/or ArcaMax.

    1. How does an unmoderated Usenet group stop accepting comments?

      I’m slightly surprised to learn RACS still exists – I used to post there (but mostly on RASFW or AFU) back in the day.

      1. Darryl expressed himself unclearly. No new posts for Usenet groups are accepted BY Google Groups. Old content can still be found there; making and reading new comments now requires Usenet access (and a newsreader-capable client). I use (10 euros/year) and Thunderbird. Eternal-September offers a Usenet feed for free.

  3. I hope they get it right this time. I had to stop reading Comics Kingdom strip because their site is so user-unfriendly.

  4. Well,,,,, the BIG HUGE HAPPENING is a HUGE EFFING BUST!!!! How many days will it take to actually get Comics Kingdom back on line??

  5. The relaunch is HORRIBLE!!! I can view only three Favorites at a time and most of them do not show even though they are listed in my account. Also, the vintage versions of the following are missing: Prince Valiant, Flash Gordon, Mandrake, The Phantom.

    1. They merged them together that’s why. If you want to see the older comics change of the url of the year, and date

      1. What do you mean? So, for example, I can get the current Flash Gordon, but not the older one with the story line of Flash and a girl sent into the future by bad guys.

  6. The website does not work. I cant get my favorites AND I am getting March 7th comics. What’s up with this site? It’s a mess!

  7. $49.95? Who would pay this? You can get it all for free on Aracamax.

    King has lost Pickles, Baby Blues, Sherman’s Lagoon, Crankshaft, Lockhorns, Mike Lester, Candrorville and Mother Goose & Grimmly in the last year and they want MORE MONEY?

  8. ComicsKingdom was so rabidly focused on stopping people from enjoying their comics on RSS feeds that they have made the site a huge hassle even for legit subscribers to use.

    Sorry, it’s not worth my effort any more. I will get my daily comics fix from elsewhere.

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