Wash. Times: G. B. Trudeau Has a Severe Case of Trump Derangement Syndrome

If the Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders, used by psychiatrists, were to officially recognize Trump Derangement Syndrome as the serious mental illness that it is, there would be thousands—perhaps tens of thousands—of leftists across the country diagnosed as suffering from the world’s only political psychosis.

Conservative political opinion writer Peter Parisi at The Washington Times, both supporters of and promoters for Donald Trump, claims that Doonesbury cartoonist G. B. Trudeau is unhealthily obsessed with the former President.

But if one had to designate a Patient Zero—the person identified as the first carrier of a communicable disease in an outbreak—for Trump Derangement Syndrome, that dubious distinction would have to go to “Doonesbury” cartoonist Garry Trudeau.

Now, fully three years after Mr. Trump left office, the ultraliberal Mr. Trudeau’s painfully unfunny Sunday-only “comic” strip continues to vitriolically and personally attack the former president.

Parisi ignores throughout the opinion piece that as the leading Republican candidate for the 2024 Presidential election former president Donald Trump is fair game for political cartooning.

By contrast, despite three years of countless verbal gaffes, numerous instances of confused wandering on stage after speaking engagements, repeated retelling of long-since debunked personal anecdotes, and disastrous economic policies that have given Americans 40-year-high inflation and interest rates, President Biden has been spared the entire time from Mr. Trudeau’s poison pen.

above: from December 17, 2023 Trudeau backs Trump’s claims and accuses Biden and his administration of orchestrating political witch hunts against his Republican opponent for President of the United States.

Read Parisi’s full commentary here.

Instead, “Doonesbury” on Sunday depicted a fictional NPR-style radio host calling Trump a “sex offender” and “a rapist” (based on writer E. Jean Carroll’s entirely unproven, evidence-free accusations) and “a fraudster with 91 indictments.” That all of those indictments were brought by prosecutors who are avowed political nemeses engaging in election interference is left conveniently unmentioned by the cartoonist.

12 thoughts on “Wash. Times: G. B. Trudeau Has a Severe Case of Trump Derangement Syndrome

  1. 1) I actually never heard of the Washington Times and had to look it up—it was founded by the Moonies?!

    2) I figured TDS was looking at that guy and still failing to see him for the ignorant narcissist that he is.

    1. Yes–one nickname for it is the Moonie Times. It has been around since the early 1980s, always has been that way. I dimly remember one front-page editorial accusing court system (I think–I did say “dimly”) of going after Moon because he was an Oriental.

      Man, I’d forgotten we talked like that.

      1. The church stopped supporting it after the Rev died, iirc, and not is publishes a couple of days a week and is far less noticeable in DC than it used to be. I keep assuming it’s gone out of business and then something like this pops up … which DD beat ComicsDC to!

    2. But the other DC newspaper The Washington Post still carries Doonesbury daily reruns and Sunday first run.

    3. …who still, to some extent, runs it. Look up why former Japanese prime minister Shinzo Abe was assassinated.

  2. What is “Trump Derangement Syndrome”? Still insisting that Trump really won? Or claiming that 4 indictments and 91 charges are part of his brilliant “4-D chess”?

  3. You know, why doesn’t Trudeau take shots or parody Biden? Only Trump. Hmmm? Because he has TDS or a bias? C’mon, Joey B is equally off his rocker. Trudeau takes little to no shots at Biden?!? And, if you can’t see that, you too, are biased. So, the Times isn’t completely off base.

    1. Why would a liberal political cartoonist take as many shots at Biden as (s)he would at Trump? How many pro-Biden cartoons do you see coming from Lisa Benson, Eric Allie, Gary Varvel, Michael Ramirez, and other conservative cartoonist.

    2. Well, Biden is pretty uninspiring, and earned his reputation for gaffes decades ago, but he isn’t a wannabe dictator with a lifetime award for lying about everything, and he does speak recognizable standard English. He has an actual (although curiously antiquated) vocabulary about 75 times the size of Trump’s, and is able to talk about things other than his personal greatness and everyone else’s inferiority. In the corrupt children realm, with only one he is way behind Trump, and his record of sexual assault and cheating on spouses is a pathetic shadow of Trump’s; he is known to have touched women’s hair without an invitation, so I hear. Trump has suggested starting nuclear wars and firing nuclear weapons into hurricanes, as well as injecting antiseptics into the body politic.
      One could go on practically endlessly like this, and the Rs treat Biden with an equal or greater amount of derangement. No one, so far as I know, is saying Trudeau doesn’t write his cartoons from the left. But if we weren’t allowed to prefer one politician over another, what would be the point of editorial cartoons, not to mention voting? And I think that would suit Trump’s wishes a lot more than Biden’s.

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