Comic Strip Notes and Nods

Partnering with the old man. Let’s start with not a comic strip.

Kidtown, a puzzle and activity feature written and drawn by cartoonist Steve McGarry since 2001, remains written by Steve but, as of January 28, 2024 (above) is drawn by son Luke McGarry.

Steve continues to draw the weekly Biographic.

TAYO Fatunla‘s award-winning OUR ROOTS, the black history illustrated feature, is in its 40th year, and has documented Black history since the concept at art school, the Kubert School in Dover New Jersey.

Fisher Jack at Euroweb celebrates Tayo Fatunla and forty years of African Sketchbook/Our Roots.

Last week Georgia Dunn revealed how The Woman in Breaking Cat News earns a living.

Says Georgia on her Facebook page:

Almost ten years in, I thought it was time we have just a little glimpse at how the Woman is supporting all these kids and cats. Today the Woman joins the company of Jon Arbuckle and Balki Bartokomous, two fictional cartoonists who inspired me as a kid. ?? I don’t know that we’ll see her comic (though maybe she writes a certain dark arts comic about a traveling family? ?), but I may show her working on some illustrations here and there. That seems fun!

I like to think all cartoonists’ studios are happy places.

Another of those Lists which naturally invite disagreement.

Arantxa Pellme at CBR names the 10 Best Fantasy Comic Strips. One of the above is on the list, the other is not.

For some reason Saturday’s Loose Parts makes me want to listen to some Meatloaf.

An appreciation of Richard Corben’s trilogy of album covers.

Back in the day The Washington Post carried Liberty Meadows, a comic strip by local cartoonist Frank Cho.

Sunday saw Frank, but not Liberty Meadows return to The Post.

Mike Rhode at Comics DC carries the adventure of the Sherlock band.

Adrian Raeside sort of honored our newspaper delivery people in his The Other Coast.

Since the time to honor those folks is in September or October I wonder if we just learned Adrian’s lead time?