Wallace the Brave Returns to ProJo

From Lynne Sullivan of The Providence Journal:

After we announced the debut of a refreshed comics page, more than 200 of you called or wrote in, expressing your support for “Wallace The Brave.” This is what I love to see, readers engaged with our content and telling me how much this comic strip – set in Snug Harbor, a fictional Rhode Island town – means to them.

The result is what is becoming a standard placement for local strips in USA Today Network newspapers:

Our comics pages debuted a bit of a refresh on Monday. This means “Wallace the Brave” will have a new home, on page 2A most days [emphasis added]. This seems particularly fitting, as the strip is, after all, a local feature.

The enigmatic “most days” may mean that the Sunday Wallace the Brave will appear elsewhere or that only the dailies will return, not the Sundays. We’ll see.

Until The Providence Journal brings back the comic strip every day, though it means forgoing tear sheets for your refrigerator or scrapbook, you can read Wallace the Brave at GoComics.

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