Joel Pett Has New Gig at WEKU (?)

It has been announced on Joel Pett‘s Facebook page that he will be contributing cartoons to WEKU:

News! Joel’s new Kentucky home is with WEKU 88.9, Eastern Kentucky University’s NPR affiliate. He will provide three political cartoons per week to (link below) and produce weekly audio commentary, which will air at 7:31 a.m. and 5:48 p.m. beginning January 10.

And sure enough there are cartoons from Joel datelined

And there was that mention of a weekly radio show.

But every link I try comes back with a 404 Not Found result.

What happened?

3 thoughts on “Joel Pett Has New Gig at WEKU (?)

  1. Hey !
    Believe it or not, they pulled the plug on the radio thing after only one commentary… I’m not positive what happened, but figure that somebody high up objected… Either a board member, the president of the university, or a big donor. At any rate in the last six months, I have been let go by the state’s leading newspaper after 39 years and the state’s leading public radio station, after one day….nice range:) jwp

    1. Hmmmm…what is it called when public institutions are only allowed to speak to one point of view? Joel Pett offers food for thought. Disappointed in EKU.

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