Bouquets and Brickbats – Letters to Editors

The Washington Post recently published a few letters about some cartoons from mid-December.

Editorial cartoonist Michael Ramirez came in for some praise:

Michael Ramirez’s marvelous Dec. 12 editorial cartoon, “Medal of dishonor,” should be copied and posted on the office door of every member of Congress who has cravenly linked further Ukraine aid to the border…

Michael Ramirez/Las Vegas Review-Journal for The Washington Post


Michael Ramirez’s Dec. 12 editorial cartoon, displaying a notional Order of Putin for the Republican Party, was brilliant…

Mikael Wulff and Anders Morgenthaler/Andrews McMeel Syndication

A political gag in Mikael Wulff and Anders Morgenthaler‘s WuMo elicited a nomination for a Pulitzer:

Is there a Pulitzer Prize for comics? If so, the Dec. 11 “WuMo” strip should win it for the explanation of the Adam Smith “invisible hand” (in your pocket) theory.

On the other hand a Dean Young and John Marshall Blondie gag brought brickbats:

Dean Young and John Marshall/King Features Syndicate

Though the comics pages are not generally the place to address serious issues, I was very disappointed in the Dec. 12 “Blondie.” The very serious issue of extinction should not be a punchline…

Mike Luckovich/The Atlanta Journal Constitution

At The Buffalo News a Mike Luckovich cartoon was recognized:

The Dec. 3 paper contained the greatest cartoon [link added] in my memory by Mike Luckovich. It shows Trump eating the Constitution while Kevin McCarthy stands by…

Jeff Darcy/Cleveland Plain Dealer

At The Cleveland Plain Dealer it was Jeff Darcy bringing a complaint:

I personally feel Hunter Biden is corrupt and an embarrassment for our country. Darcy’s Dec. 15 cartoon attacking Jim Jordan over his Joe Biden investigation and the congressional Hunter Biden inquiry was disgraceful (”Hunter Biden, Jim Jordan: Darcy cartoon”).

The Gary Varvel/President Zelenskyy cartoon has been discussed her a couple of times,

but not the letters The Toronto Sun received.

Gary Varvel/Creators

I read the Sun and Star everyday. I find the Dec. 20 Gary Varvel editorial cartoon despicable in so many ways…


The cartoon you published with Ukraine’s President Zelenskyy pickpocketing President Biden is disgusting…

The Sun responded to both letters:

(The Sun unequivocally apologizes for running that cartoon – it never should have. We maintain unwavering support for Ukraine)


(The cartoon should not have found its way onto the pages of our paper, and for that we apologize)

Not a Letter.

Jeff Darcy got more criticism in the form of commentary from the conservative Townhall headlined:

“Ohio Newspaper Publishes Cartoon Comparing Trump to Hitler”

As Townhall has been covering, the Biden-Harris campaign has gone all in on comparing former and potentially future President Donald Trump to Adolf Hitler…

Jeff Darcy/The Cleveland Plain Dealer

There’s also been a political cartoon from Jeff Darcy published in The Plain Dealer, an Ohio-based outlet that is part of It even claims to be “Ohio’s largest newspaper.”

The cartoon appears under Darcy’s page on, and the entry has been archived. X user ALX shared the political cartoon, and in doing so, reminded how popular Trump is in Ohio, as well as criticized how poorly the cartoon came out, and for such a top newspaper…

It seems popularity should be a deciding factor in determining whether a politician should be subject to ridicule.

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  1. What is scary is that there are so many Americans who will actually vote for this fascist – they are the real ones poisoning our blood. How do they explain this to their children? Or even to themselves!

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