The Lost Week in Apartment 3-G

King Features archives have lost (never had?) the Field Syndicate proof sheet for this week’s Vintage Apartment 3-G.

From The Wisconsin Rapids Daily Tribune comes the Apartment 3-G comic of March 13 – March 18, 1978.

As it turns out The Daily Tribune began running the comic strip that month and provided their readers a synopsis “for those who came in late” (to borrow a phrase from another King Features continuity strip).

Nit-picking note: These strips take place during some years when artist Alex Kotzky was not signing the strip as often, or more, than when he actually did sign them. The assumption is that he had assistance drawing these unsigned strips and, at times, the strips were completely ghosted.

Also: note that the upper and lower left corners of the first panels are left free from any “real” art so to allow newspapers that wished to insert the Apartment 3-G title there rather than printing the title above the strip, saving space and cramming more strips onto the comics page. (The Daily Tribune decided not to avail itself of any of those options.)

Apartment 3-G © Field Enterprises/North America Syndicate(King Features Syndicate)

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