Eric Heath – A Senior Senior Stripper

A belated birthday wish to New Zealander cartoonist Eric Heath and a very belated addition (ten years late) of Mr. Heath to our senior strippers list.

Kapiti News/New Zealand Herald celebrates the 100th birthday of editorial cartoonist Eric Heath.

Eric Heath, who produced cartoons for a major daily newspaper over many years, has celebrated his 100th birthday.

His professional life started as a filing clerk for The Evening Post before he joined the Royal New Zealand Air Force during World War II serving with the Air Sea Rescue Catalina Squadron No 6 in the Solomon Islands.

After his military service, he returned to The Evening Post, training as a photo engraver and also working as a freelance artist.

By the mid-1960s he became a full-time cartoonist for The Dominion after staff were impressed with his drawing ability.

“I said I wasn’t that good at cartooning but I’d draw for them. They gave me a chance.

He was the editorial cartoonist for The Dominion for 28 years (1964-1993) producing five cartoons a week.

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Happy 100th to Mr. Eric Heath born November 23, 1923! Or maybe November 28, 1923

– it depends on where you go to research his birth.

One thought on “Eric Heath – A Senior Senior Stripper

  1. Thank you for adding Eric to your little list of those who will be missed.
    I remember Heath cartoons from when I worked in Wellington in the 1970s and 80s. His eye for the issue of the day was delightful and uplifting. Apart from Emmerson we no longer have quite the same quality available.

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