2023-2025 NCS Board of Directors

caricature by and courtesy of Andy Eng

Back at the 2023 Reuben Awards convention in September it was announced that Karen Evans had been elected the new National Cartoonists Society president, replacing the termed out Jason Chatfield. Now the NCS has revealed the entire new Board of Directors for the 2023 – 2025 years:

President: Karen Evans
1st Vice President: John Hambrock
2nd Vice President: Ellen Liebenthal
3rd Vice President: Jamar Nicholas
Secretary: Nick Seluk
Treasurer: Drew Aquilina
Membership Chair: Greg Cravens
National Representative: Johnny Sampson
Foundation President: Tom Richmond

We wish good luck to the new Board in what is proving to be hard times for cartoonists,

and thank the last 2021 – 2023 Board of Directors (below) for their service to the community.

Jason Chatfield – President
Ed Steckley – 1st Vice President
John Hambrock – 2nd Vice President
Ellen Liebenthal – 3rd Vice President
Joe Wos – Secretary
Drew Aquilina – Treasurer
Greg Cravens – Membership Chair
Karen Evans – National Representative

Foundation President – Tom Richmond

Most of the members of the NCS Boards of the 21st Century can be seen here.