Reubens on Wry – An NCS Awards Roundup

Cartoonists aplenty in Jersey City last week for the National Cartoonists Society (NCS) annual Reuben Awards.

For those of us not able to attend the festivities there are photos and videos available.

The NCS welcomed all with an introductory video of past Banquets and weekends plus the 2023 Reuben nominees.

The convention starts by taking care of business and that includes electing a new Board of Directors.

Most of the old board will fade into obscurity (that’s a joke, I say that’s a joke son) and fresh faces will guide the Society for the next two years, headed by President Karen Evans on the far right above with Barbara Dale and Maria Scrivan (photo by way of Mike Lynch‘s photo gallery of the convention).

The peaceful transfer of power starts with a letter of goodwill from two-term President Jason Chatfield:

It has been a privilege serving as National Cartoonists Society President these past 4 years.

Like all bonafide US Ex-Presidents, I intend to spend my time post-presidency fending off attacks from the DOJ, FBI, the IRS, New York State, Georgia —you know. The usual…

The gathering of cartoonists means hugs and kisses from friends long missed (John Rose and Mike Peters), and intense rivalries renewed over the spoils of war (Wayno and Dave Blazek).

Then there were the awards.

Nick Galifianakis, Dave Blazek (yeah, Dave won this battle with Wayno), and Ed Steckley were among the honored.

As was bashful Matt Davies – though Newsday wasn’t shy about proclaiming their cartoonist’s win.

King Features and GoComics proudly heralded their team members who took home prizes.

There were somber moments as The Society played the In Memoriam reel.

As Ruben Bolling reported cartoonist Bill Griffith won the big one: The Reuben Award.

The National Cartoonists Society youtube station has a video of Bill Griffith’s acceptance speech*.

The National Cartoonists Society is asking people to share photos of the event at their Dropbox.

The whole affair ended with an auction of original art for charity.

Thanks to Roberta Fabiano for the wall photo. Results of the auction can be found at ComicArtFans.

*A short note about the beginning of Bill Griffith’s acceptance speech:

Bill, still grief stricken over the death of his wife, didn’t realize that Diane Noomin had been honored by the National Cartoonists Society in the previous year’s In Memoriam reel.

Upcoming Convention Update:

The Cartoons Crossroads Columbus (CXC) 2023 is September 27 – October 1

The Association of American Editorial Cartoonists 2023 Convention is October 5 – 8.

The Association of Canadian Cartoonists 2023 Convention is October 6 – 8 (w/ AAEC)

The Australian Cartoonists Association 2023 Stanleys Conference is October 28 and 29.