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We mentioned Never Been Deader getting a newspaper taking it on here.

Now King Features has released a digital press kit announcing its availability in print format.

Following the skeleton Lifeless Carl in his daily grief of working a grueling office job, Never Been Deader creatively depicts how it feels to live the humdrum nine-to-five life in a wildly relatable way. For more information on rates and availability, please reach out to

Comics are Funducational

Laughing and learning with Frank and Ernest.

Wondermark Returns

No, the GoComics Wondermarks are still recycled from years ago. But…

David Malki is posting new material at his Wondermark site and there is an opportunity to become a Patreon.

Is that nostalgia I’m feeling?

Jonathan Lemon brought back wonderful memories of mass market paperback comic books a few days ago in his Rabbits Against Magic. This would be those Fawcett reprints of Peanuts (and a Signet not-strip reprint).

More Retro

Randy Reynaldo shares news of his Rob Hanes Adventures in a special format for us comic strip fans.

Work on the 25th issue of Rob Hanes Adventures continues! As recently announced, a unique experience is planned for this milestone issue—a story made up entirely of “Sunday pages,” in a rollicking, high-concept nod to the classic soldier-of-fortune newspaper strips that inspired the series.

Entitled “Old Adventurers Never Die…”, the story is set in the 1930s (don’t worry, it’s explained!) and features many faces that will be recognizable to anyone familiar with the adventure strip heroes of yesteryear. And for those who aren’t, it’s still a rip-roaring adventure!

Some of those characters on the cover do look familiar.

If you think there is nothing new under the sun, we present:

Wallace the Brave is a highly imaginative comic strip, but this one struck me as particularly original (and funny).

October 20, 2023

That date was the last time Bill Schorr’s The Grizzwells featured a gag and was co-signed by Ralph Smith. The famed gagman has been contributing to The Grizzwells since the year 2000. This has been the longest his signature has been absent from the comic strip.