Never Been Deader Gets a Print Outlet

Never Been Deader by Tommy Devoid has been picked up by a print newspaper.

From the October 20(?) Great Bend (Kansas) Tribune:

The new comic strip that explores the afterlife in a humorous, “Never Been Deader,” premiers on the Great Bend Tribune comic pages starting today. The Tribune is the first paper in the nation to carry the strip from Tommy Devoid.

The strip follows Lifeless Carl as he reluctantly navigates the afterlife. Working at Afterlife Industries, where he works in the Department of Intake for the recently deceased, he and his dead colleagues are always ready to complain about their jobs over some coffee.

His cat Furball does care about Carl, however, he is more concerned about when he going to be fed next.

Never Been Deader signed on with King Features Syndicate in August of this year, but apparently had appeared earlier as a webcomic. Here is selection of strips Bored Panda posted in June of 2023.

Also not sure when it first appeared in The Great Bend Tribune. The editor’s note above is dated October 20, a Friday, but this page shows the paper publishing three days a week – Tuesdays, Thursdays, and Saturdays.

One more thing: Doesn’t “Devoid” sound like a pen name?


Never Been Deader

by Tommy Devoid

October 20? (21?), 2023 –

King Features Syndicate

[1st appeared as a webcomic ca. 2023(?)]

Also noted in The Tribune announcement:

“Never Been Deader” replaces “Spiderman,” which is no longer in print syndication anywhere.

Which sounds even more final than The Washington Post’s note that

King ends distribution of another adventure strip, “The Amazing Spider-Man.”

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