David Rowe Wins Record 9th Gold Stanley

The Australian Cartoonists Association celebrated their 39th Annual Stanley Awards Saturday evening.

The Australian Financial Review reports on one of its own taking the top prize:

The Australian Financial Review’s editorial cartoonist David Rowe [link added] has won the Australian Cartoonists Association’s Gold Stanley for best cartoonist of the year.

This is the ninth time Rowe has won the overall award since 2002, breaking the record set by the late Bill Leak, which stood for 27 years.

BNN also reported on The Stanley Awards:

Rowe’s cartoons, often treading into the territory of controversy, have consistently challenged the status quo. His knack for distilling complex political narratives into a single, thought-provoking image has made him one of the most influential cartoonists in Australia. His work, reaching a global readership, has reinforced his reputation as an artist of exceptional talent and insight.

At the same awards ceremony, Cathy Wilcox, a cartoonist for The Sydney Morning Herald, was recognized as Political Cartoonist of the Year. Her sharp wit and incisive commentary on Australian politics, often delivered through humorous and satirical cartoons, have earned her a dedicated readership. Megan Herbert, another notable talent, was bestowed with the Climate Council’s Cartoon of the Year award. Herbert’s cartoon, striking a chord with audiences, underscored the urgent need for action on climate change.

Peter Broelman, from the Australian Cartoonists Association Facebook page, reports on all the winners:

Rowe breaks Gold Stanley.

The Australian Financial Review’s David Rowe has claimed his ninth Gold Stanley for Cartoonist Of The Year at the 39th Annual Stanley Awards held in St. Kilda, Melbourne on Saturday evening. Rowe has broken Bill Leak’s eight Gold Stanleys record that has stood for 27 years. In front of nearly 100 attendees, Rowe was also recognised by his peers and was awarded the Stanley Award for Caricaturist and Illustrator.

The Stanley Award for Animation Cartoonist went to Andrew Fyfe, Book Illustrator to Judy Nadin, Comic Book Artist to Gary Chaloner, Comic Strip Cartoonist to Gary Clark (his 15th!), Editorial/Political Cartoonist to Cathy Wilcox, Event Caricaturist to Steve Panozzo and Single Gag Cartoonist to Andrew Weldon.

The Jim Russell Award for Contribution to Australian Cartooning was awarded to Peter Broelman.

Two inductees to the Australian Cartooning Hall Of Fame were Les Tanner and William Ellis Green (WEG).

From the ACA’s X/Twitter feed:

Congratulations to Megan Herbert for taking out the inaugural Climate Cartoon Of The Year by Climate Council at the 39th Annual Stanley Awards

Peter also gave a list of nominees for each category:


Animation Cartoonist: Andrew Fyfe, Tobias, Krebs, Ian c. Thomas

Book Illustrator: Judy Nadin, Jules Faber, Adele K Thomas

Caricaturist: David Rowe, Paul Harvey, Judy Nadin

Comic Book Artist: Gary Chaloner, Glenn Lumsden, David Blumenstein

Comic Strip Cartoonist: Gary Clark, Ian Jones, Tony Lopes

Editorial/Political Cartoonist: Cathy Wilcox, Matt Golding, Mark Knight, David Rowe

Event Cartoonist: Steve Panozzo, Paul Harvey, Anthony Pascoe

Illustrator: David Rowe, Judy Nadin, Dean Rankine

Single Gag Cartoonist: Andrew Weldon, Jason Chatfield, Fiona Katauskas

Cartoonist Of The Year: David Rowe, Matt Golding, Mark Knight, Judy Nadin, Cathy Wilcox

Climate Council Award: Alan Moir, Glen Le Lievre, Jon Kudelka, Matt Golding, Megan Herbert, Peter Broelman