The Syndicated Spider-Man No More

The Amazing Spider-Man comic strip went into rerun status four years and seven months ago with the promise of a new rebooted Spider-Man comic strip forthcoming. That never happened, and now King Features Syndicate and Marvel Comics have ended the newspaper distribution of The Amazing Spider-Man reruns with the Saturday October 21, 2023 issue.

Early today the title was dropped from King Features’ listing.

The Amazing Spider-Man

by Stan Lee, John Romita, Larry Lieber, Fred Kida, Floro Dery, Dan Barry, Sal Buscema, Tom Morgan, Ron Frenz, Paul Ryan, Dave Simons, Joe Sinnott, Alex Saviuk, and dozens of ghost writers, plotters, pencillers, and inkers.

daily and Sunday: January 3, 1977 – March 3, 2019

Sunday and daily reruns: March 24, 2019 – October 21, 2023

Register and Tribune Syndicate-Cowles Syndicate/King Features Syndicate

© Marvel Characters, Inc.

18 thoughts on “The Syndicated Spider-Man No More

  1. I’m sorry, but the disappearance of the newspaper version of Spider Man fills me with joy rather than tears. For all of the years that I have read newspaper comics in print form, the Spider Man strip was a odious soap opera masquerading as an adventure feature. Having spent eight unnecessary years on two cycles of re-runs, it is high time for King Features to pull the plug on this waste of space and award that slot (both online and in newspapers) to a new artist who can contribute some talent to the comics.

      1. Thanks for the correction. I misremembered a recent article that reported that the strip was just beginning its third “tour” through a 52 month cycle of strips, so you are right, the recycled material was only the second “pass” through that archive. Thank heavens KF stopped it before the third pass was complete.

      2. It’s to bad political correctness and woke has entered comic books, still partial to peter parkers spiderman and fantastic four, they could’ve waited to end until after this completed, I for one don’t like woke comics to bad the fantastic four movies didn’t work with all the changes, I’m done with the comics.

    1. Award the slot to a new artist? It’s worth noting that over half of the Comics Kingdom’s offerings consist of vintage strips, zombie strips carried on in a lackluster manner by the original cartoonist’s offspring, and strips that are in rerun (such as ‘The Amazing Spider-Man’). Not to mention several legacy strips whose sole purpose is to serve as snark fodder. Several decent CK features have fled to the competition in recent years.

      Over the past couple of years, I’ve witnessed the CK’s “new talent,” and most of it is not even suitable for a high school newspaper. How many people read those strips? No one ever leaves a comment, and the “How Do You Feel About This Comic?” poll is mostly “Angry” votes. Any “new talent” seems to quit producing their strip after several months because it isn’t economically feasible to continue. How many CK strips in the comics list haven’t been updated in months?

      I was a CK premium subscriber until this past Spring when they tried to bill me for a ridiculous 50% increase. This was after a comment platform change last November that removed years of comment history and features paid subscribers like me enjoyed. Now the CK wants to increase their monthly fee even more to $2.99 a month. The CK’s business plan appears to be “Less and less service for a higher price.”

    2. How was it a tedious soap opera? Peter was happier with Mary Jane here than he was in the main comics, are you sure we read the same comic?

      hear a fan of the strip is paying out of pocket to reboot it sometime in 2025.

    3. I agree, but our local paper replaced Spider Man with Hagar the Horrible. Wish they would try something new

  2. Where can I find the end of the current storyline about MJ making the movie, etc.?

    1. If you subscribe to Comics Kingdom the archives are, as of this writing, still available. Click the link above to the last (October 21, 2023) Spider-Man strip, then hit the archive button and find the June 16, 2019 strip which will be the next strip in the sequence. Follow the story from there.
      I don’t think those not subscribed can get the older strips.
      You might try going to and then manipulate the url (change the 16 to 17, and so on). Unsure if that will work for non-Comics Kingdom members.

  3. Well I liked Spiderman and will miss him, MJ and all the other crazy characters. It was the only superhero daily comic left. Bye Spidey.?

  4. When the Spider-Man strip came out in ’77 I clipped it and saved it in scrapbooks for the next four years. Romita’s work was just stellar. Got the chance to see some originals over the years – Amazed at John Romita’s art and storytelling prowess. Lots of other superhero strips tried around the same time, but none other had the longevity. End of an era.

  5. Why didn’t they finish the story first. I know it’s a repeat (or three-peat) but I forget what happens. Does Marvella finish the movie? Right now Spiderman is locked up by Mysterio. How does Mysterio have power over Spiderman, the fog, the webbing doesn’t work, etc?

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