Sunday Night Funnies and Furies

They say there’s nothing new under the sun or on the comics page. But …

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How Tim Rickard has a couple characters talking over each other in Brewster Rockit is new to me.

Not quite as ingenious, but along the same lines is today’s Tarzan. Well, not really along the lines.

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As noted in the comments, an on register version of this 1998 episode can be seen here.

Also in sync, but a week ago, was the Sunday Vintage Jungle Jim and the Monday Vintage Johnny Hazard.

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They follow each other on my Comics Kingdom “favorites” feed.

Which brings up a rant.

Somehow the Vintage Sunday Heart of Juliet Jones and the Vintage Sunday Big Ben Bolt have disappeared from my Comics Kingdom feed. Naturally I went to put them back on but they are not among the listed to be chosen.

Yeah, they’re available from the drop down list on the Comics Kingdom Vintage page, but why did they disappear from the add (or subtract) list of managing favorites? Anybody else have this problem today?

While we’re there let’s continue with King Features.

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Above is the “quarter-page” Sunday format of the new Flash Gordon comic strip with a panel dropped. Though the old quarter-page description is outdated with the eleven inch wide comics sections. I’ll probably continue using 1/4, but it would be more accurate to downsize the description to 1/6:

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By the way, KFS/CK posted a promo about the new Flash Gordon.

One more KFS and we’ll move on.

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Now Randy Milholland is much more up on Popeye history than I am, so I don’t know if there were three witches like who the Sea Hag conjured in today’s Popeye strip. But my first thought was of Cynthia, Mildred, and Mordred.

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Moving forward. Or backward I should say.

I enjoyed the week long battle of Phoebe (and Her Unicorn) versus evil! The epic confrontation starts here.

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I thought it was … cute.

Dave Whamond in Reality Check had the pun of the week.


Back to the present. Steenz and Heart (of the City) go meta.

While Dick Tracy goes to a wonderful library.

And Samson’s Dark Side of the Horse multi-gag Sundays continue to delight.

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  1. I had supplied Shelley Pleger with some reference material to design the library, and she went to town with it. When I got the Sunday, in advance, a few weeks ago, I was absolutely beside myself with glee. She did a wonderful job.

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