Tribute Strips and Inspiration Comics

There were a number of tributes to past cartoonists in the past week’s comic strips.

© Patrick McDonnell

Today’s Mutts name checks his inspiration for the art. Who’s Out There has a few more inspiring Sundays.

© Michael Jantze

Studio Jantze spent the better part of the week honoring past and present cartoonists. And a musician.

© Paul Trap

Speaking of MAD, Thatababy goes with their maddest artist.

© Michael Cavna

Warped celebrated the birthdays of cartoonists both past and present. More Celebrate Comics the week before.

(Just to avoid confusion Jantze above was celebrating cartoonists but not necessarily birthdays.)

© North America Syndicate

Jules Rivera got some snark from trolls for honoring Ed Dodd‘s Mark Trail history.

Here’s the strips that introduced Cherry in April of 1946:

© Bill Griffith

Bill Griffith, whose new Three Rocks book I have just started, uses his Friday Zippy to disrespect the current Nancy cartoonist. Now I’m fairly neutral on Nancy, whether by Ernie Bushmiller or Olivia Jaimes, but the day before Griffy picked on Olivia the gag seemed rather Bushmiller-esque to me, just the sort of strip Ernie enthusiasts would praise coming from the Nancy creator.


Also people seem to enjoy bashing the new Alley Oop


but I’ve been enjoying the last few weeks of Allward’s (Allward!?) unreal reality.

© Weingartens & Clark

That’s the way you do it! Do what Barney & Clyde do – rag on book banners/burners.

So, Mike and I usually highlight different strips but I gotta second his recommending the new Crabgrass story.

© Tauhid Bondia

It started last Monday and is promising to be a fun Halloween story over the the next few weeks.

Missed the in-joke.

© Patrick McDonnell

I was so taken with the art that I hadn’t noticed that McDonnell didn’t date the October 14 Mutts strip.

Only he did! (hat tip to Charles Brubaker for the catch.)

Coming back around to Mutts brings us back to inspiration and today’s Six Chix.

© Maritsa Patrinos; King Features Syndicate

Which, like that Nancy strip upstream, has meta qualities.

Last word goes to Carmen and Winslow of Prickly City © Scott Stantis :

War, huh (good God y’all) What is it good for?

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  1. I think you’ve misread the Griffith strip. He’s praising Nancy and ragging on Marmaduke and the folly of getting old.

    1. My understanding is that it was the intended reading. I don’t think Bill Griffith has had much time for Olivia Jaimes.

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