Scott Adams Wanted to Retire (or not)

On Friday cartoonist Scott Adams appeared on The Megyn Kelly Show to discuss his infamous comments made early this year on his podcasts.

When asked about the effects of being dropped Scott replied (via Real Clear Politics):

You know the weirdest thing about this is that it did not cause trauma for me. It didn’t make me angry at any point. It didn’t make me sad. It was sort of lucky because I was 65 and looking for a way to retire… [which I define as still working every day, but you’re doing stuff you want and nobody is telling you what to do]… I ended up moving Dilbert behind a paywall and the local platform…it’s also on the subscription service within the X platform, so you get it there as well. I got to do what I want and now I will make the comment as big [comic as edgy] as I want.

Scott added that, “most people say it’s the best it’s ever been.”

Dilbert Reborn © Scott Adams, Inc.; strip reproduced from r/dilbert

The 12 minute Megyn Kelly “‘Race’ Comments Led to Cancellation” segment can be watched on youtube.

Scott Adams and Megyn Kelly joined for two other segments.

The 3 minute 20 second Coming up with Dilbert Comic Strip segment and

The Value of Excellent Public Speaking segment clocking in at 7m 20s.

12 thoughts on “Scott Adams Wanted to Retire (or not)

  1. Thanks for the offer, D.D., but I’m not adding to her numbers and polluting my YouTube feed.

    1. Yes, we should thank D.D. for clicking on these videos and watching for us. It’s not just what YouTube thinks we’d want to watch next, but all the ad companies who suggest even more stuff like the above. Or even more so. So thanks D.D.

      1. Yeah. The risk of opening certain sites to get comics news is the then forthcoming ads and “suggestions” that the internet algorithms think will be of interest to you.

    2. Scott added that, “most people say it’s the best it’s ever been.”

      “Most people” being a self-selected group who literally pay you to see your comic, knowing you are, in fact, kinda a dick. But I’m sure that’s statistically valid thinking, yeah.

  2. Someone suggested provenly sound health advice that has literally saved lives, and the reaction was summary violence. HAHAHAHAHAH!!!! Dilbert is so funny!

    Here, let me try some comedy:
    You should always read the nutrition label.

    Hahahahah! This is great. Let me try another:
    Don’t fill your metal gas can while it sits on your truck bed, so you don’t start a fire.

    Hahahah! Oh god, I could do this all day. It never gets old.

      1. Summary:

        (of a judicial process) conducted without the customary legal formalities.
        “summary arrest”

  3. Thanks for sharing this fun and candid interview with one of the most brilliant tooners in history. Sad that the legacy media has unfairly distorted his message and suppresses his talent. No longer bound by political correctness, Scott’s new strips are even more hilarious and poignant. Congrats on his new best-selling book ‘Reframe Your Brain: The User Interface for Happiness and Success’.

    1. I’m beginning to think others are correct – your comments are just trolling for reaction.

      1. Others? First time anyone’s conveyed that sentiment directly. I’ve always been a huge fan of ‘Dilbert’ and was initially a bit skeptical of Scott’s remarks, but after watching the following hard-hitting Coleman Hughes interview, I appreciated hearing his unfiltered comments in context.

        [D.D.Degg: At that point Joe linked to a propgandizing podcast where Adams and company told viewers/listeners not to believe their lying ears and eyes, that Trump never intended or did anything wrong, and MAGA is the salvation of America. I won’t let that link go through, interested parties can find it through an internet search engine.]

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