Andrews McMeel Universal Issues Early Scott Adams Statement – As Does NCS

Andrews McMeel Universal, the distributor of the Dilbert comic strip and publisher of the Dilbert reprint books, has issued a preliminary statement about the recent podcast by cartoonist Scott Adams where he encourages Whites to separate from Blacks.

We are disturbed by the personal views recently expressed by Dilbert creator Scott Adams, and do not support them in any way. Andrews McMeel Universal values free speech. We promote and facilitate many different voices and perspectives. But we will never support any commentary rooted in discrimination or hate. We will be issuing a more detailed statement soon.

Andrews McMeel has posted the message on Facebook and Twitter.

GoComics has also posted the message on Facebook and Twitter.

The National Cartoonists Society has also made a statement regarding the situation:

The National Cartoonists Society condemns all forms of racism and discrimination.

We choose to support and celebrate diversity, equity, and inclusion for all. While cartooning as an art form needs to embrace and support the right to free speech, when that speech turns to hate and the marginalization or degradation of other human beings because of their race, faith, sexual orientation, nationality or other conditions it is the responsibility of all conscientious people to condemn that speech for what it is.

 Racism has no place in our organization or the world of cartooning.

6 thoughts on “Andrews McMeel Universal Issues Early Scott Adams Statement – As Does NCS

    1. Don’t be childish, Bob. Nobody should be making racist remarks. But at the moment, that includes Scott, who, not unlike yourself, has a tin ear when it comes to the devastating legacy of racism in America. I get that it may be hard to understand this, but maybe it would help to ask ten or twenty of your black friends why Scott’s comments have landed so badly for so many of us. Nobody is saying he’s the only racist or the biggest racist. We’re just saying that he, like yourself, is a schmuck with a tin ear. The good thing is that schmucks can learn. Good luck!

    2. What a stupid and hateful thing for you to say, Bob. All you right-wingers thrive on being offensive, like children.

      1. No they don’t.

        Tip 1: When you make a generalized statement that begins with, “All you ___”, you might be a bigot.

        Tip 2: Echo chambers are dangerous places to live.

  1. Imagine how many great works of art would have been banned if social media existed before the 21st Century.

    Artists are temperamental people, which is precisely why you must always separate the artist from their artwork. There are plenty of artists whose work I admire that I wouldn’t want to be friends with. But to use a single offensive comment, taken without context, as justification for cancelling someone is inane.

    So of course that’s why there are very few things created in the 21st Century that have any artistic value. Stifle the artist with a political correctness gun, and you will only get utterly bland art. Something that a machine can easily imitate, as you will soon see…

    1. “Imagine how many great works of art would have been banned if social media existed before the 21st Century.”

      Oh, but they WERE.
      All you had do do was be a member of the “undesireable” or “decadent” groups with the wrong color, religion, or ancestry, and your art was erased.
      Or if you publicly backed the wrong monarch, or backed the monarch at the wrong time.
      But back then, most people knew that if they had an unpopular viewpoint, they should be careful about who they spouted it off to.
      With modern social media, it seems as if people have forgotten that words have always had consequences.
      The US government won’t silence someone for racist rants, but other people don’t have to listen to them, or provide them with a forum for their … discussions.

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