Jack Ohman Expands S.F. Chronicle Role

From Editorial Page Editor Matthew Fleischer:

The San Francisco Chronicle is delighted to announce that Jack Ohman will become a contributing columnist for the paper’s Opinion section. Ohman’s work first appeared in the Chronicle in 1980 and his syndicated cartoons have been a mainstay on the Opinion pages for the past five years. In his new role, he’ll continue to produce his weekly California cartoon for Sunday Insight, as well as offer original cartoons and commentary for both print and online.

The San Francisco Chronicle and Jack Ohman broke the news today that Jack will be contributing cartoons and columns to the Bay Area newspaper.

Now the next step is for “the largest newspaper in Northern California and the second largest on the West Coast” to put him on staff.

“Jack has long been an invaluable contributor to the Chronicle’s Opinion pages,” said Editorial Page Editor Matthew Fleischer. “We’re thrilled that he’s expanding his role, and is now going to be able to call the Chronicle his home base.” 

One thought on “Jack Ohman Expands S.F. Chronicle Role

  1. Great news regarding the addition of Jack Ohman. I have enjoyed his work for years and look forward to his brilliant insights and spot on caricatures. Jack is “da bomb”!

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