Here Come the Judge (The Return of Lee)

A week ago The Daily Cartoonist bemoaned missing new cartoons by Lee Judge on our Comics Kingdom feed.

So it is only fair to stand up and give Lee a round of applause on his return from vacation.

I noticed Lee had returned on September 6, but was wary that it may have been a one-off paying tribute to the passing of a beloved American artist. But he has followed that with a return to his regular schedule.

From Lee’s Substack:

Recently I went to California to celebrate my mother’s 98th birthday and didn’t draw a cartoon for about two weeks, so now I have a reader wanting to know when the cartoons are coming back and apparently, today is the day.

So I wasn’t the only one missing Lee’s cartoon commentary. It’s good to see you back in the feed Lee!

At that Substack link Lee gives us a little background on his new cartoons, adding:

I’ve been drawing cartoons since 1976 and let’s say you draw 300 hundred a year that’s over 14,000 cartoons and I have a hard time remembering what actually I drew and what I just sketched or thought of and I’ve had people tell me I drew something when I was pretty sure I didn’t until I looked at the signature and there I was.