Cartoonists’ Tributes to Retiring Brian Gable

A few days ago we passed on the news that Brian Gable was retiring after nearly 50 years of political cartooning.

© Brian Gable/Globe and Mail

Now Brian bids farewell to his Globe and Mail readers in prose rather than picture:

… At the beginning of each workday, one scribble has led to another, when suddenly, out of the muddled swirl of pencil strokes, the artist’s twisted subconscious recognizes the germ of a cartoon idea. It’s much closer to alchemy than it is to science.

For the past 35 years, I’ve practised this alchemy on the editorial page of The Globe and Mail. In that time, I’ve witnessed significant changes in the nation of Canada, our political culture, and in the nature of mass media itself. Through it all, I have been aware of the immense privilege of occupying a position on a page devoted to the expression and exchange of opinions on every aspect of our daily life…

An added bonus is a half dozen cartoonists joined The Globe and Mail to pay tribute to Brian.

Cartoons by and © Bruce MacKinnon, Wes Tyrell, Aislin, David Parkins, Susan Dewar, and Serge Chapleau