2023 Reuben Comic Art Charity Auction

The National Cartoonists Society Foundation is setting up a charity auction,

with dozens of NCS members offering original art to benefit the foundation.

The auction will feature both current and vintage original art from comic books, comic strips, MAD magazine and more! To make these fantastic pieces of art available to the widest audience possible, we will be running the auction in two phases:

  1. an online “proxy” auction open to collectors worldwide, followed by
  2. final bidding from in-person attendees at the Reubens.

The original art for 2023 NCS Reubens by Sam Viviano and for the 1987 paperback by Bil Keane are among the treasures offered. They are just two of the items. Others include comic art by Charlie Adlard, Sergio Aragones, Brian Basset, Jim Borgman, Amanda Conner, Gemma Correll, Dave Coverly, Brian Crane, George Wunder, Greg Evans, Chon Day, Rick Geary, Bill Griffith, Cathy Guisewite, Bill Hoest, Bill Holbrook, Lynn Johnston, Rick Kirkman, Keith Knight, Peter Kuper, Bobby London, Mike Luckovich, Patrick McDonnell, Wiley Miller, Bill Morrison, Dan DeCarlo/Stan Lee, Andrew Pepoy and Gordon Purcell, Ted Slampyak, Eric Powell, Tom Richmond, Mort Drucker, John Rose, Stan Sakai, David Silverman, Ronnie Del Carmen, Joe Staton, Mark Tatulli, Ann Telnaes, Angelo Torres, Garry Trudeau, Mort Walker, Dik Browne, Wayno and more!

More information and a growing gallery of already donated art at the National Cartoonists Society.

The NCS Foundation is the charitable wing of the NCS which was founded in 2005 to continue the charitable and educational works that have been a hallmark of the NCS since its inception.