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The European Cartoon Award announces its 2023 Shortlist

The European Press Prize and Studio Europa Maastricht, founders of the European Cartoon Award, proudly announce the 16 Nominees of the 2023 edition of the contest. This year’s Shortlist includes cartoons selected among over 400 entries from more than 25 countries.

Here is the list of the 16 Nominees the finalist cartoons belong to:

Angel Boligán (Mexico), António Antunes (Portugal), Ben Jennings (United Kingdom), Cláudio Antônio Gomes (Brazil), Cristina Sampaio (Portugal), Emad Hajjaj (Jordan), Harry Burton (Ireland), Marco De Angelis (Italy), Marilena Nardi (Italy), Mihai Gabriel Boboc (Romania), Patrick Chappatte (Switzerland), Plop & KanKr (France), Raimundo Rucke Souza (Brazil), Sinisa Pismestrovic (Austria), Tjeerd Royaards (The Netherlands), Víctor Solís (Mexico).

More at the European Press Prize website.


All four of DC’s WEBTOON series are coming to comic book stores in the form of graphic novels.

DC Comics confirmed that all four of the publisher’s collaborations with WEBTOON will soon be available in print as graphic novel collections in comic book stores.

© DC Comics

In 2021, the first DC WEBTOON comic, Batman: Wayne Family Adventures, was released, bringing fans into a new era of superhero adventures. Since then, three more joint series have been launched — millions of readers can discover new stories with their old favorites in a variety of genres, including comedy, horror, and mystery. And, DC just announced that it will transform the beloved webcomics into graphic novels to reach an even wider audience, starting this month.

Comic Book Resources (CBR) has the details.


Comics are for adults but … Comics can be for kids too.

Now suddenly it’s 2023, and YA and middle grade comics (as they’ve been so dubbed) dominate both the bookstore and comic book market. Cartoonists like Raina Telgemeier and Gene Luen Yang have garnered not just acclaim but actual readers–be they parents, librarians, or kids–eager to plunk down hard-earned money for the latest story.

The usual extended Comics Journal interview – here with graphic novelist Jay Hosler.

I used to joke that the headline used to be after Dark Knight Returns and stuff like that, “Comics are for adults too.” And there was a period of time when I thought the headline should be “Comics can also be for kids.” Let’s not forget the kids, because there’s nothing out there. So it’s fantastic to see the children of my colleagues or my kids’ peers walk around with Raina Telgemeier’s Smile, clutching it to their chest as they’re walking between classes like it’s a Bible. I love seeing that, because it’s such a powerful way to tell stories. And there is so much talent out there.


Crescent Elementary fourth-grade cartoonists

In the spring, his teacher, Cindy Carling, assigned students to create a one-page comic strip.

“I like I can do whatever I want, and write any story I wanted,” he said. “So, I wrote this story with imaginary creatures. It starts with everyone cheering on this king goose who ruled the Goose Kingdom, but then it introduces a new creature I created called the Growler, and he robbed the general store. The people set traps to get him, but those fail. When they find him, they put him in jail.”

photo: Julie Slama/City Journals

This was the first time Carling has assigned this project, which they completed within a week. They were to develop a main character and come up with a storyline.

“I like that it’s engaging so I’ll do it again,” she said.

The Draper Journal carries the story of a teacher encouraging youth cartooning.


Marvel Comics publishes tribute to John Romita

Marvel is publishing a new tribute to comic legend John Romita Sr., following his passing earlier this year. The three-page tribute can be found in several of Marvel’s comics beginning this week, including Silk #4, Red Goblin #7, Miles Morales: Spider-Man #9, Captain Marvel: Dark Tempest #2, Guardians of the Galaxy #5 and Avengers #4. In addition to quotes from CCO Kevin Feige, Editor in Chief C.B. Cebulski, editor Nick Lowe and President of Marvel Entertainment Dan Buckley, the tribute includes some words on Romita’s legacy within the company.

© Marvel Entertainment carries the story.


Hey! The 2023 CXC Comics, Arts, and Animation Festival!

I don’t think we’ve mentioned the upcoming, September 27 – October 1, CXC festival.


featured image by Glenn McCoy from The Flying McCoys