TGIF – The Gag Is Farcical

John Deering gives us our opening today with his Strange Brew.

Been enjoying Mick and Keith checking in to Hotel UFO this week. And alway happy to see a Kinks reference.

FurBabies‘ week long scavenger hunt gets a juxtaposition with UFO today.

Bob Weber, Jr. threw a nod to friend and co-creator Jay Stephens this week in Slylock Fox.

Not so funny gag lines come from Man Martin’s Man Overboard.

On a similar note Samson, who likes to take things literally, got real with Dark Side of the Horse:

And from this week’s Prickly City on a sad state of affairs:

Dave Coverly covers a different sad state of current affairs in Speed Bump.

Then co-conspirator Mike Peterson triggered my OCD today with his take on The Joy of Tech strip.

I had to find those issues of Batman and World’s Finest Nitrozac and Snaggy used in the strip.

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