And in the end…

© Gemma Correll‘s bittersweet farewell to The Nib

The end of August will see the end of The Nib.

But you can still give some love to The Nib cartoonists.

Before The Nib closes down at the end of August, we are putting our sticker packs back on sale in the store one last time. We have a 5 pack featuring a Nib logo and favorites like “I Blame Capitalism” and “We Should Improve Society Somewhat,” each of which are available in their own 5-packs.

We also have some pins and our “We Should Improve Society Somewhat” tote bags in limited supply. Grab them now—once they’re gone, they’re gone!

Oh, and we won an  Eisner award for Best Anthology over the weekend! Pick up our back issues of our print magazine while there’s still time. Four of the 15 issues are now completely sold out, with more of them on the way to being out of print before the end of August.

In the final issue of The Nib magazine: Prospective progress, approaching calamities, and fated futures. No AI here——more than 30 human cartoonists draw about Luddites, extinction, space colonies, and Afro-futurism!

Support The Nib cartoonists! All issues of The Nib magazine are recommended.

© Matt Bors