Time Has Come for The Sunday Funnies

© Bill Griffith

Bill Griffith looks forward to reminiscing in Zippy the Pinhead. The strip ends with a promising future where “comics-on-paper” make a vinyl-like comeback to popularity.

Time Passages Synchronicity

© William Wilson

In a wonderful multi-panel juxtaposition we see time, in a matter of hours, pass in Wallace the Brave; while time, taking years, also passes in Six Chix. A sensational serendipitous synchronicity.

© Isabella Bannerman

I remember seeing it in its original showing as a wee lad, but who, other than old farts like me and film buffs, will get the reference in Friday’s Scary Gary?

© Creators Syndicate/Mark Buford

Yesterday Dogs of C-Kennel featured a tribute to a more recent piece of popular culture:

© Creators Syndicate/Mick & Mason Mastroianni

Separated Synchronicity

© Wiley Miller

Non Sequitur from a few days ago and Frazz from today.

© Jef Mallett

© King Features Syndicate

Randy Millholland adds an interesting piece to the history of the Sea Hag in today’s Popeye.

Two Takes on Mama’s Cooking

© King Features Syndicate

Ray Billingsley’s Curtis today and Bill Watterson’s Calvin from 30 years ago (re-presented today).

© Bill Watterson

Now for something not so different…

The very talented Kerry Callen has taken his Super Antics parodies of superheroes over to The 13th Dimension where it will be appearing weekly under the Sunday Funnies with Kerry Callen title. Whether you are a superhero fan or not Kerry is enjoyable, if you know comic book history Kerry is hilarious.

© Kerry Callen

Today’s last word goes to Teresa Burritt and Frog Applause.

© Teresa Burritt

5 thoughts on “Time Has Come for The Sunday Funnies

  1. I’ve been keeping a journal of Comic Strip Coincidences since 2008. Of course I probably don’t see quite as many in a given day as you. Nonetheless, quite interesting.

  2. In the nineties, Queen and The Smashing Pumpkins featured or referenced “A Trip to the Moon” in their music videos (Heaven For Everyone & Tonight, Tonight) aired heavily on MTV… So, ’90s kids get it!

  3. My favorite day-passing strip was on a Sunday decades ago in BC. A character experienced a nearly wordless day, including a sunrise, clear sky, wind, rainstorm, rainbow & sunset. The final panel included the thought: Another day, another solar extravaganza.

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