Heritage Auction 7340 Calvin & Hobbes

The first stage of Heritage Auction 7340, which are lots of original comic art, has ended.

The auction included a couple Calvin and Hobbes dailies by Bill Watterson, the 1986 issue went for $174,000.00 while the 1987 issue went for $156,000.00.

The big piece involved was a Frank Frazetta Dark Kingdom painting that cost the buyer $6,000,000.00. I was curious about the Steve Ditko Spider-Man (#22) page that featured the wall crawler iconically crawling up a wall, that went for $96,000.00.

The next portion of lot 7340 closes tomorrow with Frank Frazetta comic art, plus Hal Foster, George Herriman, Winsor McCay, Antonio Prohias, Charles Schulz, and more comic book art. We”ll update.

6 thoughts on “Heritage Auction 7340 Calvin & Hobbes

  1. There was a lot of Kirby artwork also, but I don’t think any came near that Ditko Spider-man page.

      1. I included the Ditko page because of the panel six wall climbing action. It is iconic. The Kirby pages that were offered didn’t have anything approaching the level of that quintessential image.

  2. Wow….I have 100s of clippings from the eighty’s

    Had no idea that they had any value!!

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