Broom-Hilda, Dick Tracy, and Pluggers Now at Comics Kingdom; New Mutts Coming Up

Comics Kingdom is now running three Tribune Content Agency (TCA) comics on its website.

From the Comics Kingdom blog:

We’re thrilled to announce the arrival of three beloved classic comic strips to our Comics Kingdom family: Dick Tracy, Broom Hilda, and Pluggers. Whether you’re a lifelong fan or new to these iconic series, something special awaits you in our expanding universe of comics!

Broom Hilda: The Witchy Misadventures Next, meet the mischievous and endearing witch, Broom Hilda. Since 1970, this humorous strip has followed the antics of its title character, a witch facing the modern world with a cauldron full of humor and heart. Broom Hilda’s adventures offer a light-hearted escape with each panel. Explore her timeless jokes and joyful jumbles in our comprehensive archives.

Dick Tracy: The Timeless Detective First up, the legendary law enforcer, Dick Tracy! Making his first appearance in 1931, Dick Tracy has been captivating audiences with his unwavering fight against a gallery of grotesque villains. Known for his sharp detective skills and innovative technology, this comic strip combines classic noir and modern crime-solving stories. Dive into his world with complete archives available now!

Pluggers: Heartfelt Humor Last but certainly not least, Pluggers. This strip celebrates the everyday hero, depicting the “average” person’s life and quirks with warmth and wit. Since its debut, Pluggers has resonated with readers who see a bit of themselves in the anthropomorphic animals that star in the strip. It’s a heartfelt nod to the unsung heroes in all of us.

A couple notes:

The comics still have the TCA copyrights so they haven’t switched to King Features Syndicate for distribution.

Those “comprehensive” “complete” archives are only three years, more or less, for the time being.

The Dick Tracy and Pluggers pages have years old creator credits.

Unknown if more Tribune strips will follow. It would seem to be a natural progression.

(“Vintage” Chicago Tribune-New York News comics strips coming to Comics Kingdom????)

edited to add: Comics Kingdom’s digital portal for newspapers has carried TCA for years.

In other Comics Kingdom/King Features news:

The Mutts comic strip returns with new material from creator Patrick McDonnell on Sunday May 5 and Monday May 6, 2024. Still a month to go for all new Mutts to return.

7 thoughts on “Broom-Hilda, Dick Tracy, and Pluggers Now at Comics Kingdom; New Mutts Coming Up

  1. Is there a rumor that King Features may buy all the Tribune Content Agency comic strip line that includes besides Broom Hilda, Dick Tracy, and Pluggers these other Tribune owned comic strips: Gasoline Alley, Bound and Gagged, Middletons, Brester Rockit, Animal Crackers, and Jumble?

  2. I may have had a hand in spreading such a rumor four years ago with some “idle speculation” when Tribune comics appeared for a time on the King Features Syndicate (not Comics Kingdom) page of available content.
    Left unsaid in that article was some investigation behind the scenes – with a major syndicate sales executive, who wished to remain anonymous, confirming that there SEEMED to be talk of such negotiations going on at that time.
    IF it was happening then it may have fallen apart over copyright ownership of current and past catalog material.

    1. Not a certainty but I think the three comics will continue at GoComics (not exclusive to Comics Kingdom).

      1. Boy, I sure hope GoComics doesn’t lose any strips. I have subscriptions to both Comics Kingdom and GoComics, and GoComics email delivery of my favorites is rock solid. Not so much from Comics Kingdom. If I had to subscribe to only one, GoComics would win hands down.

  3. They don’t seem to have loaded in the Sunday strips for Dick Tracy or Broom Hilda yet, although Pluggers Sundays are in place. I assume that’s going to change in time too.

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