Clowning to the Left, Joking to the Right

A few comics noted from the last few days.

© Mark Tatulli

So what exact would a TED talk by Liò sound like? Like a tree falling in the forest with no one there?

© Tribune Content Agency

Russell Myers has been the lone cartoonist on Broom-Hilda for 53 years, but my understanding is that he is so far ahead of deadline that this strip may very well have been created nearly three years ago.

Note: the comic strip being drawn by the portrayed cartoonist is Broom-Hilda.

© Keith Knight

The death of cartoonist Ian McGinty had #comicsbrokeme trending; Keith Knight joined in.

© MFry &TLewis

Elsewhere a couple cartoonists also draw themselves into their Over the Hedge comic strip.

© Rich Powell

Wide Open! features a wonderful (though sick) illustration worthy of a Skull Comics cover.

Only beat out for laugh of the week by the Mark Buford rerun of Scary Gary:

© Creators Syndicate

The Second Coming of Thimble Theater Starring Popeye

Speaking of reruns … as Mike Peterson mentioned Comics Kingdom has rebooted Vintage Thimble Theater back to the beginning of the E. C. Segar years featuring Popeye (who will be introduced next week).

© King Features Syndicate

These early Popeye strips are cleaned up versions taken from newspapers rather than proof sheets as is their usual habit with the vintage strips (at least it seems to me). Wish they had done them using horizontal strips instead of vertical strips – and yes, I realize these were done that way eight years ago.

The Resurrection of Mara Llave.

© Alex Segura and Nickolej Villiger

After a promising start Mara Llave, Keeper of Time was set aside by the creators so they could catch up on some paying gigs. Now, with a little free time they are returning to the strip. Happy to see the strip rise from the dead.

© William Wilson

As featured on our Facebook page Wallace the Brave gave us the Comic Panel of the Day/Week.

Rabbits Against Magic joins us in giving a shout-out to Wallace the Brave today.

© Jonathan Lemon

feature image is the logo of the Archie Comics comic book that ran 1974 – 2005

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  1. So Russell Meyers does Broom-Hilda strips 3 years in advance. That’s a few years less than when the late Virgil “VIP” Partch did Big George strips several years in advance that they were run several years after Virgil’s death!

  2. Wait a sec! How did Spud end up in the Comic Clink?

    Youth wants to know. (And so do I.)

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