The Missing Popeye Files – Filling the Gap

King Features has put up a different sort of trouble slide, which isn’t their usual announcement for missing files and, instead, suggests perhaps a restart from the beginning? Not sure, but June 15 being nine days away and coinciding with the end of the week, here are the strips that would have run in that gap. We’ll see what happens at Comics Kingdom’s Vintage Thimble Theater on the 15th.

9 thoughts on “The Missing Popeye Files – Filling the Gap

  1. Yeah, it looks like, after more than a year of running post-Segar Popeye,
    Comics Kingdom will return to the beginning of the character.
    You’d thing they could change the year of the announcement at least.

    1. The announcement is that block at the top. It’s what you see on the TT page.

  2. Right now, Thimble Theater on Comics Kingdom is showing a bit from the Whiffle Hen adventure, so it looks like perhaps they’ve run out of 1939 and are circling back to 1929?

    1. Makes some sense, since it’s dated Jan 2, 1929 and is the adventure that introduced Popeye. I’d have enjoyed seeing the first 10 years, too, because Castor Oyl was a funny guy. But so it goes.

  3. Why can’t they go get the missing strips from, like anybody else can? It’s their archive, their whole business is comics, you would think they would WANT to fill in the gaps.

    1. Scanning what you’ve got in your filing cabinet just requires putting a clean white page on the scanner, then cropping it into six strips and posting them.

      Going to the scanned newspapers means hunting down a relatively clean, untilted copy of each strip, copying it, cropping it and erasing the adjoining bits, then making the whites white and the blacks black, sharpening and resizing it. A far more labor intensive operation. It’s fun for someone like me to hunt down a missing week, but it would be costly to hire someone to do it for 365 strips a year times however many Vintage offerings you have.

  4. Thanks for these. Interesting that different sources had different titles in early 1940. Thimble Theater, Thimble Theater starring Popeye, or simply Popeye.

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