WaPo Reviews The Talk and Interviews Author/Cartoonist Darrin Bell

Darrin Bell plays with three of his young children as the family heads to the dinner table. As they sit to eat, though, Bell’s 6-year-old son looks up and asks out of curiosity: “Who’s George Floyd?”

It is 2020, and Bell and his wife, Makeda, have wondered for several years when to have “the talk” with son Zazu…

photo: Andri Tambunan for The Washington Post

Michael Cavna, for The Washington Post, talks to Darrin Bell about his newly released graphic memoir The Talk (free “gift article” link).

Bell, 48, is best known to some readers as an artfully unflinching satirist and the first Black cartoonist ever to win the Pulitzer Prize, in 2019. To others, he’s known for his syndicated comic strips “Candorville” and “Rudy Park.” Yet in “The Talk,” Bell combines the overtly personal and the sociopolitical in a textured autobiography that blends raw honesty, moving memories and powerful insights on raceand police relations — including when squad cars unnervingly trailedhis White mother and Black father toward a county line in California a half-century ago.