Comic Strip Saturday


The Grizzwells follows Grand Avenue in my GoComics feed.

Grand Avenue © AMS; The Grizzwells © UFS

Non Sequitur started this week with Petey digging a hole, sequed into defining Occam’s Razor….

with Saturday’s denouement going with the exception to the rule:

© Wiley Ink

Funny(?) because it’s true. Shoe earlier this week.

© MacNelly

Pluggers are getting younger.

© Tribune Content Agency

Today’s Pluggers features a song far too recent. Should have been The Marvelettes.

Or Glenn Miller.

But is it art?

© Lincoln Peirce

Of course it is. And Big Nate acknowledges one of the Masters of Comic Art.

Crabgrass started the week acknowledging that AMS comic strips are all on the same plane of existence.

© Tauhid Bondia

Menace Modification

Let us note here that there has been a change in signing the Dennis the Menace dailies.

Dennis the Menace © North America Syndicate

For years Marcus Hamilton and Steve Ketcham partnered and co-signed on the daily panel. That came to an end on May 27, 2023. Since May 29 Hamilton has gone solo on his dailies while Ketchum contributes an infrequent daily, also solo. Sunday artist Ron Ferdinand also continues, as he has for years, his occasional dailies.

The new fixed status?

feature image from tomorrow’s (June 11) Red and Rover

© Brian Basset

a sneak peek at more from tomorrow’s Sunday Funnies: Barney and Clyde

© Weingartens & Clark