Catch A Falling Star And…

Following are a few items saved for a rainy day – though here in California, except for the higher altitudes and latitudes, rainy days are pretty much gone for a couple seasons.

Thomas Yeates‘ new title panel for Prince Valiant‘s new adventure appeared April 16, 2023.

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It was announced Ann Telnaes had won the 2023 Herblock Prize a couple months ago.

This past week The Foundation held the presentation ceremony, with Ann speaking.

The YouTube audio is a bit soft, but Ann’s Herblock Prize page has the video with audio that won’t strain your hearing. As an added bonus the page has a transcript and Ann’s Prize-winning submission.

Speaking of Herblock … Can AI ever do a Herblock?

Should cartoonists, known for their fearlessness, be afraid of Artificial Intelligence (AI)?…

Seasoned political cartoonist E P Unny was largely realistic and a bit romantic in his approach…

Unny cited a work by Herblock, one of the most influential editorial cartoonists in America…

© NEA Service/Herblock; image via Library of Congress

At the national cartoon fair in Kochi cartoonist E. P. Unny warned to stay aware of A.I. but thought that the program cannot approach the empathy of real cartoonists, only reproduce what has already been created.

While AI plagiarism is the New Thing old fashioned plagiarism is still A Thing.

Gemma Correll creates very funny and very appealing comics, so of course huge multi-national companies would like very much to steal them. Last week, she wrote on Twitter that global intimate care brand Libresse, aka @YoAmoNosotras, took one of her comics and made its own versions to promote themselves.

Ruben Bolling reports at Boing Boing on the international art theft of Gemma Correll‘s creation.

Never Let It Fade Away.

artwork © Eldon Dedini

The Cartoon Art Museum is running a fundraiser. Help celebrate, preserve, and foster cartoon art.

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  1. At this event that was literally all about her, Ann Telnaes, in her usual generous manner, she made it all about the art of editorial cartooning and about OTHER cartoonists around the world who are in prison for drawing cartoons. This is why she’s the best, not just as a cartoonist, but as a person.

  2. Is the cliff face in that Prince Valiant title panel supposed to look like a T-Rex about to devour the sailboats, or am I hallucinating?

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