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Dick Tracy Hall of Famer Profiled

HAMPTON — Local police officer Haley Magee, who was honored last year for rescuing a trapped driver from a burning vehicle, just made the Dick Tracy Hall of Fame.

…As part of the comic, [Lt. Walter] Reimer nominates real-life police officers to be featured at the beginning of the strip.

Officer Haley Magee, hailed locally as a hero. had her fame spread nationwide with kudos from Dick Tracy.

Seacoastonline (New Hampshire) carries the story.

Magee, 28, said she is bewildered by all the attention her actions have garnered.

It wasn’t until someone sent her a copy of this Sunday’s Dick Tracy comic strip that she became aware of the recent honor.

“I didn’t have an inkling; no one called me,” Magee said. “I mean it’s cool, but I never expected any of this. I was just doing my job.”

10 Best Comic Strips Still Running Today

Newspaper comics are an original American art form and heroes like Dick Tracy and Dagwood Bumstead are still going strong in long-running comic strips.

© Tribune Content Agency; King Features Syndicate

Just like long-running sitcoms, the quality and creative teams behind classic comics can vary a lot, and even great comics can hit a few speedbumps. That said, newspapers are still running some truly great, hilarious comics daily.

Dick Tracy appears again as CBR posts Chloe Gabrielle’s list of the best of today’s newspaper comics.

Your mileage may vary (mine does).

Garfield is a bad influence

This cat is lazy, gets no exercise and eats junk food. He also displays a bad attitude and even kicks around poor Odie (the dog).

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Maybe a story about a cat who isn’t lazy, exercises and eats healthy would make for good reading. And a good attitude would be warmly welcomed as well.

Garfield gets a second showing as a Las Vegas Sun reader doesn’t care for the cat as a role model, and I agree. I think readers of the comics should be busting into high security prisons with guns blazing à la The Phantom.

The Daily Cartoonist Goes International

The decision by local Chinese newspaper Ming Pao to axe a comic strip by prominent political cartoonist “Zunzi” Wong Kei-kwan showed that the room for free speech in Hong Kong had “narrowed further,“ the Hong Kong Journalists Association (HKJA) said in a statement released on Thursday.

© Zunzi/Ming Pao; Photo: Kyle Lam/HKFP

The Hong Kong Free Press reports on the suppression of a political comic strip.

The Ming Pao Staff Association also expressed regret over the comic strip’s suspension, saying they felt “helpless” about the newspaper’s decision. They thanked Wong for contributing political cartoons to Ming Pao since the 1980s, saying he used humour to comment on current affairs and attracted readers’ attention.

More listing of the good stuff, and some of the bad.

We’ll try today to pick the best strips (daily cartoonists call themselves “strippers.”)

Here’s a clip ‘n save guide. Sorry, no links, so, have scissors handy? I’ll wait. Ready?


Click on GoC’omics to find these:

The following are found at Comics Kingdom:

Bill Mann, at The Port Townsend Leader lists two dozen newspaper and online comic strips and panels, three-quarter of them make the good list, a half dozen comprise the bad list.

Again: your mileage will vary.

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  1. I read a lot of cartoons every day to start my day! The one that stands out every time is Frog Applause, by Teresa Burritt.
    It’s funny, artistic, thought provoking, and addictive! I’m so happy you liked the strip, as many followers, you’re right on! Thank you for allowing me to voice my opinion! ??

  2. I’m pleased to see Frog Applause, by Teresa Burritt, getting noticed for its dry wit, always innovative presentation and its ability to change the reader’s perspective, even if just a little bit. Few comics in history have been able to combine the humor of Virgil Partch with a collage meme superior to that of Terry Gilliam. Worth your while every day.

    1. Yeah, I was surprised that the city still had some press freedoms 25 years after China took over. Figured those freedoms had dissolved over the years.

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