It’s National Cartoonists Day! – updated!

National Cartoonists Society presidents

feature image © B. Kliban

6 thoughts on “It’s National Cartoonists Day! – updated!

  1. I have a few of the NCS buttons; I wish a whole set would be reissued, along with new editions.

    1. Andréa – Mea culpa. I’m afraid my ingrained male chauvinism is showing. Before posting this I noticed there were no comic book cartoonists included and I did a quick (unsuccessful) search for such a page of caricatures. I am ashamed to admit that a search for women cartoonists didn’t occur to me. I have added a couple images and thank you for mentioning the slight.

  2. I was surprised (but pleased) to see H.T. Webster in the roster of wartime cartoonists, but very disappointed not to see Ted Geisel (a.k.a. “Dr. Seuss”) in that lineup.

    1. Wrong war. The above references The First World War, aka The War That Will End War.

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