Jack Ohman Returns To Tribune Syndicate

Counterpoint Media has informed us that Pulitzer Prize-winning cartoonist Jack Ohman is returning to the Tribune syndicate. From this weekend’s notice:

We are sad to announce that this is the last syndicate newsletter with Jack Ohman. He is moving back to his former syndicate home, Tribune Content Agency, effective May 1. We still adore Jack, both professionally and personally, and we wish him continued success at his many duties and projects.

© Sacramento Bee/Jack Ohman

Jack began his syndicated cartooning career in 1980 with the Chicago Tribune-New York News Syndicate and remained there through various name changes (Tribune Media Services/Tribune Content Agency) until 2017. By which time he had accrued a Pulitzer Prize and an RFK cartoon award, among other honors.

In 2018 Jack moved to the Washington Post Writers Group where he stayed until that syndicate decided to shutter their cartoon division last year. He then joined the WPWG crew in setting up Counterpoint Media.

Jack, who has spent more than half his life there, now returns to the Tribune syndicate.

From 1980 – Jack signs with Tribune:

from the August 6, 1980 edition of The Minneapolis Star (via newspapers.com)

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