Tuesday Edition of Sunday Go to Meeting

The MoCCA Fest is this coming weekend to NYC and the National Cartoonists Society will be represented.

Saturday April 1 will see Bob Eckstein, Mike Cavallaro, Ellen Liebenthal, Ruben Bolling, and Hilary Campbell manning the booth and Sunday April 2 has Mike, Hilary, and Ellen again plus Isabella Bannerman, Robert Pollack, and Pat Higgens making appearances.

Among the hundreds of cartoonists at MoCCA will be Steve Brodner at the Fantagraphics booths.

The Featured Guests at MoCCA include Barbara Brandon-Croft, Kim Deitch, Colleen Doran, and Drew Friedman.

Arrive a day early (or stay a day late) and make an effort to visit the Colleen Doran Illustrates Neil Gaiman exhibit at The Society of Illustrators not real far from the MoCCA Fest. It runs through July 29, 2023.

© Lalo Alcaraz

Monday April 3 has us down in Virginia for DRAWING THE LINES: Political Cartoons in the Digital Age.

Join Professor Larry J. Sabato & the Center for Politics for an engaging discussion with four award-winning political cartoonists:

Lalo Alcaraz – Winner ‘22 Herb Block Prize, two-time Pulitzer finalist, Emmy nominated writer & producer.

Darrin Bell – Pulitzer-winning political cartoonist and creator of the comic strip “Candorville”.

Ann Telnaes – Pulitzer-winning editorial cartoonist for the Washington Post.

Matt Wuerker – Staff cartoonist and illustrator for POLITICO.

If you can’t get there they will live stream it to you. Either way it’s free.

© Dan Archer

Over at The Billy Ireland in Columbus, Ohio is The Art of the News: Comics Journalism only playing for another month and a week.

The exhibition spotlights original artwork representing over thirty years of reportage by an international group of artists who have developed comics journalism and are pushing the genre in new directions, including Joe Sacco, Gerardo AlbaDan Archer, Thi Bui, Tracy Chahwan, Jesús CossioSarah GliddenOmar KhouriVictoria LomaskoSarah MirkBen PassmoreYazan al-Saadi, and Andy Warner.

Check out the catalogue.

Then, without leaving the comfort of your Barcalounger,® watch CagleCartoon TV (YouTube).

This week: Stormy Daniels & Trump! Political Cartoonists Tackle the Scandal & Impending Indictment in CARTOONS!

We dive into the Stormy Daniels and Donald Trump affair, discussing hush money, potential indictment, and the role of political cartoonists in today’s climate. Joined by award-winning cartoonists Pat Byrnes, Bob Englehardt, and Bill Day, we analyze various drawings related to the scandal and discuss how Trump’s base continues to support him. We also touch on the art of anonymous cartoonists, the challenges faced by political cartoonists in reaching younger audiences, and the importance of delivering a message through cartoons.

Watch previous Caglecasts here.

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