Weekend Funnies Wrap-up

Gaming the Funny Pages – part two

Last weekend we noted Joe Wos playing games. This weekend it was Jef Mallett.

© Jef Mallett

Don’t know if Jef knows of a comics page with Overboard right below Frazz, but in Mallett’s neighborhood (the northern mid-west) there is The Fond du Lac Reporter where the hummus could have slid down the middle Peanuts gutter onto the Revenge.

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Featuring Special Guest Star

Prickly City, Looks Good on Paper, Mike Luckovich, and Steve Kelley (the feature image) all have cameos.

Since We’ve Strayed into Political Territory…

© GEC, Inc.

I wonder if this past week’s Luann was allowed in Florida schoolrooms?

“Old” Movies are from the Black and White Era

© Gerry Rassmussen and Gary Delainey

I understand Betty and Bub are younger than than I am, but “old movies” are Way Out West. Casablanca, King Kong. Stuff way before the 1980s.

More About 1980s Movies

© Todd Clark

Lola yesterday brings this up. It was in some movie about cornfields (Children of the Corn?) when I first heard the phrase “have a catch.” We “played catch” or went out to “play some catch.” Is “have a catch” regional?

Young Hearts Turn to Poetry with the Advent of Spring

Some Silly

Bizarro by Dan Piraro © Bizarro Studios

Some Sweet

The Brilliant Mind of Edison Lee © John Hambrock and Anne Morse-Hambrock

Some in Silence

Sally Forth by Marciuliano and Keefe © King Features Syndicate

3 thoughts on “Weekend Funnies Wrap-up

  1. Yes indeed, “have a catch” is regional. Just like “sleep in” is regional. or “wait on line.” All stuff I never heard till I saw it in a movie somewhere. In Wisconsin, we “play catch,” “sleep late” and “wait in line.” Those other people are just being nutsy fagans, ain’a?

  2. You might be thinking of Field of Dreams (an “old” movie to my kids) when Kevin Costner asked his dad if he wanted to “have a catch” – I found the phrasing odd over 3 decades ago when I first saw the film. (btw, I think old movies are any that were made before you were born; it’s all relative.)

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