Gaming The Funny Pages

When Joe Wos heard that his MazeToon runs side-by-side with Jeff Keane’s The Family Circus in Victoria he devised a panel that works everywhere but really stands out on the comics page of The Times Colonist.

© Joe Wos; Bil Keane, Inc.

When Joe told Jeff of his intention Jeff informed Joe that Bil Keane had done something similar almost 80 years ago:

More at Joe’s Facebook page.

Elsewhere Barney and Clyde joins the comics riffing on the Dilbert experience.

© Weingartens & Clark

In today’s The Duplex Eno echoes my thoughts whenever I buy fast food.

© Glenn McCoy

I thought it was bad before the recent inflation hit when I didn’t use a coupon; now even with a coupon:

Something else to gripe about as depicted in yesterday’s Baby Blues, Zoe is the personification of Fox News.

© Baby Blues Bros.

I flip around all the news channels. I find out the Republican talking point of what is wrong with America since 2020 by tuning in to Fox “news” programming at the top of every hour.

Just thinking about it …. jeez, I need Macanudo.

© Liniers

Before tomorrow comes around let’s note the Mutts tribute from last Sunday.

© Patrick McDonnell

As for tomorrow – check out Sunday’s JumpStart.

© Ruff Sketch, Inc.

I’ve got to think this is good timing. JumpStart probably gained some new papers lately (see Barney & Clyde above) and this would bring new readers (and some us older ones) up to date on Joe and Marcy’s extended family.

featured image by Robert Crumb from (& ©) Creem magazine

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  1. Could this be an occassional thing for Joe and his MazeToons to include occassional appearances of King Features owned comic strip characters?

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