Reports of Dilbert’s Syndicated Demise Were Premature – Update

Original March 18 post:

I opened up the local weekend edition of my newspaper and there

at the top of page one of the Sunday color comics section was Dilbert!

Dilbert © Scott Adams

Dated March 19, 2023 (“3-19-23”) and “Dist. by Andrews McMeel.”

Is this truly the end or will there another Sunday?

Will this be available online tomorrow? Maybe at the Dilbert Reborn Reddit page?

March 25 Edit

Another weekend and another syndicated Dilbert Sunday page (dated March 26, 2023).

The Daily Cartoonist’s Dilbert Death Notice has been amended.

21 thoughts on “Reports of Dilbert’s Syndicated Demise Were Premature – Update

    1. I think they said there were several weeks worth in the pipeline so it would take a while to cancel.

      1. Just like as the Chicago Tribune picked up Grand Avenue daily and Sunday a few weeks ago to replace Dilbert, the Tribune’s rival the Chicago Sun-Times is still carrying Grand Avenue in its Sunday comics as of March 19, 2023 even when the Chicago Tribune has it in its Sunday comics also!

  1. Sunday comics are always distributed 3-4 weeks ahead to allow for printing schedules…..nothing new or different….

  2. Dilbert has been reborn and is better than ever. But you have to find Scott Adams at

    1. It looks like Scott Adams at is a link to his podcasts. I did not see Dilbert on the page.

  3. Michael Che on SNL admitted that he agrees with Scott Adams but he wasn’t cancelled. Example #844729489327 proving that black privilege is very VERY real, and ‘white privilege’ is absolute evidence-free bunk.

    1. If you are going to take the SNL skit serious then add that Che claimed to only reading off the cue card. Also you must agree that Adams is racist as Dilbert said during that same segment.

      1. Adam’s is NOT racist! I just canceled my Detroit Free Press because they deleted his Dilbert comic strip. Too many a$$ Holes in this country make a big deal about nothing. It’s reverse discrimination!

  4. This new Dilbert comic ran this past Sunday in the Fort Collins Coloradoan newspaper. Last week they announced that they were canceling Dilbert, and ran an advertisement in it’s place. I’m guessing that canceling it was a manual process, and they forgot this week.

  5. Is this a local newspaper’s decision to keep a withdrawn strip in its Sunday comics, I know for 11 years after the King Features distributed Redeye comic strip ceased in 2008 that the rerun strips were still running in the Sunday Arlington Illinois Daily Herald Sunday comics section.

  6. This occurred because many papers’ Siunday comics sections are printed elsewhere (Canada, in some cases) and then assembled with their Sunday sections as a supplement, much like the late PARADE magazine used to be. Due to advanced deadlines, the strips were already printed by the time Andrews McMeel cancelled distribution. Most papers had already dropped it by the time Andrews McMeel stopped, but those that hadn’t had no alternative but to drop it as well. In my opinion, this all occurred about thirty years after it should have happened, as now the spot it was taking up can be taken by an actual cartoonist.

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