Georgia Dunn to Undergo Hand Surgery

Breaking Cat News cartoonist Georgia Dunn has revealed that she will have hand surgery (her drawing hand) on April 11 and is asking fans to recommend strips to be reprinted during her recovery.

© Georgia Dunn

Georgia broke the news on her Facebook, Twitter and Instagram platforms.

I deal with cysts and benign tumors a fair amount (just lucky, I guess!), and this was actually great news for me. I had been privately concerned that I had a more serious problem with my tendons or some damage in that hand. This is the hand I draw, ink, paint, and edit the comic with, so it used a lot and sorely (literally this month) needed!

On April 11th I’m having minor surgery on that hand to have the cyst removed from the tendon hopefully once and for all. I’ll go under quick and hopefully be home that day! …And then I will need to rest that hand for a while. I am cleared for drawing after two weeks, but for those two weeks this hand will be out of commission.

My editor suggested two weeks of BCN reruns for that time. We’ll see reruns sometime in May or June (since I work a little ahead.)

Prayers and good thoughts April 11th are absolutely welcome!!

Yes Georgia, you have our best wishes.

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